ESports Premier League (ESPL) Season 2 Important Announcement – European Gaming Industry News

ESports Premier League (ESPL) Season 2 Important Announcement – European Gaming Industry News


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MPL, one of the largest mobile and skill games platform in the world, has launched a campaign called #SaveMissingGirls with Missing Link Trust to raise awareness about human trafficking. The campaign, announced on the eve of the United Nations’ World Day against Trafficking in Persons, aims to raise awareness of human trafficking in the dark world through a role-playing game.

As part of this week-long campaign from July 30, MPL has invited people to take a pledge by making a wrong call to the number 9099306000 and show their support to end this menace that claims millions of lives every year.

Human trafficking is the second largest organized crime in the world and its numbers are increasing at an alarming rate globally and in India. On an average, about 1827 women are trafficked every hour in India, and about 16 million women become victims of the sex trade, according to the Dasra report. 40% of these victims are teenagers and children.

The United Nations theme for this year’s World Trafficking in Persons Day is ‘The Use and Abuse of Technology’ in the fight against human trafficking. MPL has chosen a technology-based way to educate the public and victims about human trafficking and ways to prevent it.

Missing, an NGO founded by the Missing Link Trust, recently came on board with MPL to bring together art and technology to create greater awareness around sex trafficking. An interactive game in which the player takes on the role of a trafficked girl in India, the game is designed to let players experience the fate of a missing person as she moves into the inhumane and brutal world of prostitution. Players must make smart choices in each level of the game to escape the trap set by the smugglers.

Commenting on the campaign, MPL India Country Leader Namrata Swamy said: “Technology has an important role to play in preventing human trafficking and we believe that online games can be an important way to motivate people and raise awareness about ending human trafficking. . A key objective of the #SaveOurGirls campaign is to use games to raise awareness. Since its launch on our platform, we have received an amazing response from MPL users on Lost.

“The Lost Game comes under the category of “Games for Change” in response to the first ‘P for Prevention’ UN anti-trafficking campaign. This campaign has partnered with MPL Platform with 90 million birr to ensure wider access to the game and awareness of the threat to millions of people. We think it will make a big difference in realizing missing link trust.

Celebrities and influencers like Durjoy Datta, Ravinder Singh and Trendulkar have joined the conversation on social media and lent their support to the campaign. NGOs like Cyberpeace Foundation, Impulse and Digital Empowerment Foundation and others have supported the initiative to show their solidarity towards the cause.



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