Even Aaron Rodgers knows that Packers stock is worthless

Even Aaron Rodgers knows that Packers stock is worthless


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I believed for a long time Aaron Rodgers And I have a lot in common. (Now that he’s kind and gentle, that may no longer be the case.)

Here’s one thing we can certainly agree on: Packer stock is undervalued.

The title came up when Rogers appeared. I’m sorry I took it. It started when Rodgers yelled “I’m yours” during a game against the Bears last year when he asked the Big Cat about the quarterback’s comment, “It’s sensitive.”

Finally, a PFT commenter chimed in.

“Because I own the Packers, I own you,” he said. “So I own you, you own yourself.”

“Do you have zero paper of correct value?” Rogers said.

Bingo Rogers is right. The stock has no value. at all. It’s just paper. Unique souvenirs. A jab at a Packers fan that technically allows them to say “we” when talking about the team.

Fortunately for the Packers, they finished the scraps of paper they offered earlier this year with zero real value. When they do it again, Rodgers disappears from the team several times.

Then again, nothing will happen. Most of the group’s shareholders realize that they are getting nothing. And they’re still happy to contribute money on top of their season tickets and other expenses when attending games to help the effort.

That’s all it really is. One donation, verified by paper. What’s surprising is that other groups haven’t come up with a way to do the same.



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