FIGHTING THE NINJA’S FIVE DUMPS: Jacob deGrom’s Slippery Fool.

FIGHTING THE NINJA’S FIVE DUMPS: Jacob deGrom’s Slippery Fool.


By Rob Friedman, aka “The Pitching Ninja.”
Fox Sports MLB analyst

There were a lot of dirty fields this week – so many that it was hard to pick my top five.

But we’re on our way!

Jacob said.A ridiculous 96 mph slider

DeGrom is back and may be better than ever.

“Degot” had an amazing 90% swing and miss rate on the slider GoodIt’s the highest swing-and-miss rate in a single game (over 20 innings) since pitch tracking began in 2008.

Nothing shows deGrom’s dominance better than this incredible slider.

There’s an overlay of what hitters will face when facing DeGrom. This is a 100 mph fastball and a 96 mph slider, and you can see how well these pitches connect and how consistent deGrom’s mechanics are. The guy is basically a robot designed to destroy assassins.

Oh, and deGrom hit 102 mph in this game, marking the fastest strikeout of his career!

Michael KopechBohemian Rhapsody fastball

Mama Michael Kopech killed a man.

Kopech’s fastball has a good bit of “rise” (a misnomer, but that means his fastball fights gravity more than other pitchers’ fastballs). This clip shows why that’s good for the cops but not so great for the poor Vinnie PasquintinoHe stole his soul.

Ryan HelsleyMind-blowing fastball and slider

Helsley is one of the best catchers in baseball this season, with a 0.79 ERA and .635 WHIP. This overlay shows why it’s so difficult for hitters – notice how often the slider and fastball can’t be separated on the way to the plate. As a hitter, when you decide the difference, you’re determined to swing.

This is really nightmare fuel to hit.

Corbin Burns demolition Joey Votto

Burns has won 175kg this season. Here, Burns destroys Voughton with a wicked chop and change combo. Making a great hitter like Votto look like he’s never left a bat before is quite an achievement!

James KarinchakHammer curveball

Not only Karichak, but also hanging Jose AltuveHe took a knee with this curveball, but he let everyone in the stadium know. I love my comic reliefs, and Karichak might be one of the most common.

Give me all the K struts and bats and players playing with emotion, though this celebration might be a bit over the top. Get fired up and engage the fans instead of pretending you were before!

Bonus: The Ripper claims another victim.

It’s no secret that my favorite umpire in baseball is John Tumpane. I nicknamed him the Ripper because of his slashing moves on hitters who dared to watch the third strike pass.

Here Ripper puts it Elehuris Montero In the list of eternally injured.


Rob Friedman is a commentator on Twitter and YouTube, and his work has appeared on many Major League Baseball broadcasts.

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