Final Fantasy XIV publishes a beginner’s guide series for new players

Final Fantasy XIV publishes a beginner’s guide series for new players


Newbies b Final Fantasy XIV The MMO has finally published some guides from the game in the new Beginner’s Guide series to help players navigate the murky land of Eorzea.

On the internet, fans Final Fantasy XIV He is seen urging players to bat for the untried bowlers. The massively popular MMO includes a free trial up to level 60 with unlimited playtime and the first expansion. to the sky. But once you get into the game, it can scare you.

Before these guides, players relied on people who had been playing for a while or friends who had a deeper knowledge of how the game worked. Now, players will have some guidance when creating a character, how to use the map, and their journey through Eorzea with main scene quests.

The guide has seven sections that take players through some of the basics of the game, including how to form a party, how to enter and fight your first bosses, and more.

Starting a new MMO can always feel like there’s a big learning curve when you get into the game. Especially with Final Fantasy XIVIntimidating UI, it can be overwhelming when players first get into the meat of the game.

Newbies to the game always come away with a little growth mark on their head, which means that more experienced players may need a little more attention if they’re doing things for the first time. While most experienced players will find it extremely helpful for spawning in dungeons, trials, and more, the guides can serve as a starting point for new players to learn about things that will help them throughout their stay. FFXIV.

The instructions prepare players for a free trial of the game and should give newcomers a better understanding of how the game works rather than leaving them to figure it out for themselves. The full instruction series can be found at Final Fantasy XIVYouTube channel And it can be found in different languages.



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