Fisherman’s Own Roger Chase Wins National Esports Award – Hamilton County Reporter

Fisherman’s Own Roger Chase Wins National Esports Award – Hamilton County Reporter


A high school student has been recognized at a special international esports event

last week, Esports Tower He chose Fishers High School student Roger Chase to participate in the inaugural Esports Tower Summer Invitational.

Organizers of this elite bootcamp-style training and development event selected 56 of 10,000 high-potential young players for the all-expenses-paid event held at the Boise State University Sports Arena. The guests came from the United States, Mexico, Canada, England, Wales, Norway, Sweden and Singapore.

“Esports Tower’s vision is to help kids get a foothold in gaming and in life,” said David Adams, founder and CEO of Esports Tower. “Just like in traditional sports, not every player will become a professional, but we believe that every participant in our Summer Invitational can find a strong and rewarding career in esports. It was the global esports market. In the year It is worth 1.08 billion dollars in 2021In the year It is expected to reach $2.8 billion by 2028. Our goal is to identify kids with a passion for gaming and broaden their world view of the many strong career options available in esports.

Ten university esports directors from institutions across the United States provided advanced training focused on the Esports Tower approach curriculum to improve the emotional intelligence of esports athletes. While the grueling schedule of night tournaments tests players’ strength and sense of play, daily team building and coaching sessions with college eSports directors help develop the team and communication skills of the youngsters.

The show’s contests will air throughout the summer from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET. Esports Television’s (ESTV) international network and on the Esports Tower Twitch channel. In addition, organizers used this event to draft documents designed to dispel misconceptions surrounding sending and varsity level competitive play.

You can watch Chase play Overwatch every Tuesday night from 9pm to 11pm until the end of September. Click here To see the full program schedule.

Fishers High School student Roger Chase (second from left) with the Lynx Overwatch team. (Photo provided)

Roger Chase: Flank Master

Chase was honored with the Funk Master Award at the Summer Invitational eSports Awards on July 10. The event was hosted by Esports Tower CEO David Adam and Matthew “Burns” Potthoff, a retired tournament caller.

“Roger, known professionally as Ame, exudes a level of sportsmanship, strategic thinking and creativity in his play. This award is a testament to the talent, hard work and dedication of this high-potential player,” Tony Baccaro, AASports Tower Program Director.

About Esports Tower

Esports Tower’s innovative youth training and competition programs are the largest growth esports club in North America. The weekly Rumble Tournament Syndication An average of 40,000 to 70,000 spectators per event, making them the most watched high school events in America.

During the week, club players ages 13 to 18 will receive professional coaching, educational access, how-to webinars, and one-of-a-kind insider access to esports professionals, college and pro scouts. Top teams and select players can also score go-anywhere study-anything scholarship awards. In 2021, players earned $1.7 million in scholarships. Learn more at

About eSports TV

ESTV partners with the world’s top gaming organizations, tournament organizers, industry news outlets and professional teams to deliver strong esports programming wherever fans want to watch it, including on linear television, online and mobile.

ESTV was the first international 24/7 live television channel dedicated to everything. The free, ad-supported television network offers four channels (ESTV Live, Tournament, College and High School along with a large on-demand library of tournaments and events). More than 1.6 billion devices and/or streaming services in 90 countries offer ESTV viewing.

Learn more at estv.coand look directly at



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