Fnatic draws the series at Boom Esport in the BTS Pro Series S12

Fnatic draws the series at Boom Esport in the BTS Pro Series S12

BTS Pro Series S12 will return beyond the summit to provide more entertaining Dota 2 matches before the upcoming The International 2022 (TI11) Last Chance Qualifiers as it enters Group Seven Day. Fnatic went head-to-head with their Southeast Asian (SEA) brethren, according to Boom Esports, with both teams looking to determine which SEA team would be the strongest going into TI11.

However, the series ended in a tie as Boom eSports secured Game 1. Fnatic then tied the series in Game 2.

Fnatic vs Boom Esports: Match Summary

Both teams have faced each other many times in the Dota Pro circuit. However, many times Boom eSports have been victorious during their matches. Despite the stats, many expected the series to draw as Fnatic looked to perform when it mattered most.

In game one, Fnatic chose to go with some interesting pickups when setting up a Centaur Warrunner for Januel. “young man” Arcila and the Primal Beast for Jardel “DJ” Mampusti Boom eSports meanwhile went for a more aggressive draft by picking up Saieful. “Fbz” Elham’s signature is Mars and Cuncha for Erin “yopage” Ferrer

The early game was good for Boom Esports, but a couple of mistakes allowed Fnatic to get a huge net worth heading into the mid game. Despite the advantage, Fnatic was unable to capitalize as they led Boom Esports to secure Game 1 after 52 minutes.

In game two, Fnatic was looking to draw the series as they set up DJ’s signature Enigma as well as Morphling and Primal Beast for Mark. “Raven” Faustus and Armel “Armel” Tabios. Boom Esports went for Outworld Devourer and Kunkka went for Joppage and Sulia “Jackie” Good food.

In the early game, while Boom eSports was in favor, Fnatic was able to even get the balance going into the mid game and was able to stop the bleeding. While the game heavily favors Boom Esports, Fnatic managed to make it back to the final game as the team secured several teamfights and Roshan. The game ended after 63 minutes as DJ Enigma pulled off several heroics in his final black hole finale, allowing Fnatic to secure game two.

After the tournament, Fnatic has 3 wins and 2 draws and is at the top of the table. Fanatic is out tomorrow on Execration. Boom Esports will have little time to rest as they face Neon Esports later today, followed by a three-day break before their next match.


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