Football practice report: August 5

Football practice report: August 5

Place: Outdoor practice fields
Format: Helmet and shorts

The first beta exercise Dan Lanning It took place Friday afternoon in the Oregon Times as the Ducks begin to solidify their preparations for the 2022 season.

The first exercise always provokes mixed reactions. There is joy in getting together in practice and seeing the progress made in summer sports. And there’s a sense of urgency as it becomes clear where the work is still ahead of the opening.

Friday was no different.

“Good first day,” Lanning said. “There’s no room for us to be one for a game. But luckily, we’re not going to be one game yet.”

Pat Herbert Practice

From the staff’s point of view, there was excitement on many levels. For one thing, the Ducks are healthy when camp starts. Some players, such as tight ends, were restricted at the end of last season Patrick Herbert. And Cam McCormickand defensive linemen Brandon Dorless And Keyon Ware-HudsonNow they are back in the mix.

And newcomers to the roster who weren’t on hand for spring practice participated in their first practice as Ducks. Receiver Caleb Chapman He made two big plays in his first practice since transferring to Oregon, and the freshman running back Jordan James He caught Lannie’s eye as well.

Offensive lineman athleticism Josh Connerly Jr. Back length to defender Khamari Terrell to the receiving radius Kyle CasperFriday was a chance to catch a glimpse of many of the guys who made up Oregon’s impressive recruiting class of 2022.

Josh Connerly Practice

Of course, recruiting standards are now out the window. Now it’s time to play like college football players. And show constant improvement every day.

“In everything we do, we want the one percent,” Lanning said. “Where do we get this?”

Camp resumes Saturday. One area where Lanning would like to see improvement is consistent execution.

“Our guys look fast,” he said. “But I will say, around eight innings today, we thought he was slow. He’s learning how to play faster over time.”

The Ducks didn’t look ready for a game Friday under their new coach, but Friday wasn’t game day. Not the same on Saturday, but the game will be one day closer. And Lanning will look to see if the Ducks are one day better as camp continues.

Jake Shipley Practice

KnownThis preseason will be held in the afternoon, a departure from Oregon’s schedule in recent seasons. The Ducks took off Friday around 2:45 p.m., and it was over by 5 p.m.… To keep players from overheating in the afternoon sun, staff members sprayed water on guys who weren’t in practice at all times. And it was a whole practice session where the ducks went and sat under pop-up tents and on bleachers that popped up with liquids and snow. …

Practice ended with a 2 minute practice and the offense was able to put points on the board twice. … The south wall of Oregon’s practice field was retouched and the wording on the wall was updated to reflect the program’s priorities. Now, the four words listed are “relationship”, “strength”, “growth” and “sacrifice”.

Ben Roberts Practice

Can be mentioned:

Head coach Dan Lanning
Moving to afternoon practice

“Football should be strong. We want to worry. And we will play a lot of games in this afternoon position.”

Encouraging competition on the veteran offensive line
“You push other people like you push them. So we rotate guys around. Certainly none of them are anointed to be in place. There’s going to be some swing. That’s part of figuring out who he is. Your top five is up front. It’s not just who he’s been in the past.

Jackson Powers-Johnson Practice

Interview after practice:

Head coach Dan Lanning


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