G3 CEO Anthony Gaude revealed details on the giant esports betting auction

G3 CEO Anthony Gaude revealed details on the giant esports betting auction

For over a decade, The esports industry It is growing at an amazing speed. One of the most impressive heights to emerge from the industry in the last few years is the esports betting angle, which has gone from strength to strength in a relatively short period of time. Recently, in an interview with Jogonet, G3 CEO Anthony Gaud He spoke extensively about his plans to legitimize, grow and expand the industry by innovating in the vertical, space of esports betting.

Gad strong, Gaud-Hammer game team (G3) was founded in 2019, with Gaud himself bringing years of multi-industry expertise. Once upon a time, Gaud made waves for the likes of Walt Disney, Microsoft Games, Discovery and Hasbro, and now his focus is firmly on the ever-growing. It broadcasts betting and gaming industries. Most recently, G3 was instrumental in delivering New Jersey’s first legal export betting event in 2020.

What’s next for Anthony Gaud and what exactly is his vision? Betting industry esports?

God’s Almighty Vision

Anthony Gaud

For those who are neck deep in the esports ecosystem, it may already be blindingly obvious A large amount of value was obtained In esports betting markets. It’s a diverse, dynamic and ever-evolving space, and over the last few years, hundreds, if not more Thousands of esports betting platforms They have emerged into the industry. This development has been addressed in several comments made by Gaud In. The interview with Jogonet:

What we’re doing right now is trying to break new ground in video games and shipping… The industry is going to be huge. I think it’s going to be a lot bigger than people think… I think a lot of people are starting to pay attention and it’s one of the many stages of maturity for video games and shipping.

They were able to solve many of the problems they faced. Betting industry esportsEspecially in the United States. From laws banning esports betting in many states to the lack of visibility outside of the target audience, he spoke extensively about his vision for impacting the industry. Recently, G3 has worked with top companies such as Allied Esports, Amazon Web Services, and more. New Jersey Economic Development Authority To achieve several goals.

For example, Gaud played a vital role in ensuring this. New Jersey meeting Prepared two Laws that can do Bet is sent A reality in the state. In the interview, Gaud lauded the activities of the Esports Technical Advisory Committee, which was set up to introduce legal foreign trade opportunities and betting markets to the state.

Income growth

Towards the end of Gaud’s interview, he talks about having ‘everyday conversations’ with business leaders, sports companies, CEOs, and of course, They outsource the experts themselves.. The long-term future of the G3 comes to an end with a clear statement:

I’d say right now, New Jersey and Nevada are clearly in the lead. But most states tend to follow the guidelines, if not the first mover in this area. And I think once in both of these states and some other states that I can’t talk about yet, I think you’re going to see it grow rapidly across the United States.

Gaud promises a bright future for those looking to bet on esports in the United States. As it was time to close the interview, Gaud also spoke volumes. FaZe Clan’s Recent listing as a public company on NASDAQ. “FaZe Clan is on that spark” fueling the industry’s unstoppable growth, he said, urging others to follow in their footsteps.

From the perspective of Anthony Gaud, ed Betting industry esports It is on the brink of a massive revolution.


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