GAM Esports will update team visa status ahead of Worlds 2022

GAM Esports will update team visa status ahead of Worlds 2022


The manager of GAM Esports, Khanh Hipp, updated his fans league of legends The squad’s visa status ahead of the 2022 World Cup campaign.

The process of getting a visa for GAM to attend the #Worlds2022 in the US is going in the right direction, Heap said on the team. Facebook pageAs a Translation on Reddit. “Both GAM and SGB are trying our best to bring Vietnamese representatives to the international stage.”

HIEP gave an update on the visa status on September 19, stating that four members had been interviewed and that all had “completed well”. As a result, Hipp is confident that the visas will be approved soon.

Additionally, he said two other members are currently “filing additional information” and that the final two members have their interviews scheduled this week. Regardless, he emphasized that he is still confident in their approval and that the full status of the visa will be revealed on September 23.

The Vietnam Championship Series, known as the VCS, has been sidelined. League With the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, and recently MSI 2022, Saigon Buffalo is the world’s most competitive international circuit. As for Worlds, VCS last competed on the World Championship stage at Worlds 2019 via GAM and Lowkey eSports.

Image via GAM Esports

For GAM, especially, their run at Worlds 2022 will be an opportunity for the team to give up their spot at MSI 2022 to compete against Saigon Buffalo at the Southeast Asian Games. Worlds 2022 will make their debut in the group stage, where they will be paired with LEC’s Rogue and LPL’s Top Esports.

Let’s hope GAM’s upcoming Worlds 2022 campaign carries the full starting line-up.

Worlds 2022 will officially begin on September 29, 2022, when 12 teams will compete in the Play-In Stage in Mexico City, Mexico, hoping to secure one of the four spots in the Worlds 2022 group stage. Teams will continue to compete in the various stages of the tournament, leading up to the Worlds 2022 Grand Finals on November 5 at the Chess Center in San Francisco, California. The full list of World 2022 cities can be found here.



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