Graff: Why would I leave Minnesota to come home and cover the Patriots?

Graff: Why would I leave Minnesota to come home and cover the Patriots?


In the year In late 2003, I was given the important responsibility of recording outgoing voicemail messages on my family’s landline, a new concept for our young readers. I was a sports-minded teenager in New Hampshire who recently had his heart ripped out of his chest by Aaron Boone.

“Thanks for calling the New England Graphs, home of the damn Boston Red Sox,” the voicemail read.

I thought it was a practical joke on my parents before they made me record again. But the voicemail stuck. A year later, it was changed to feature “Proud Home of the World Champion Boston Red Sox.”

I haven’t lived those messages yet.

I grew up in New England, attended high school in Manchester, NH, before studying journalism at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. I remember where I was when it happened Veterans He bucked the trend and walked out of the stadium tunnel as a team before Super Bowl XXXVI. I remember David Tyree improbably hooking a football off his helmet. I know how much sport means to the people of this region. I think our family’s voicemail reflects that.

And that’s why I’m so excited to share that after ten years in Minnesota, I’m headed home to cover the New England Patriots. The athletics. I’m excited to be back in the area and tell stories about your favorite team.

The Patriots’ success has made them so big that even in the land of 10,000 lakes I occasionally find myself writing about Bill Belichick (just like him). The giants are about to leave for the Vikings) and retelling the first stories of the defensive players Tom Brady Moments (as before) Bengals A player who reflected on the injury to the Pats by stating, “That’s what they mean when they say they’re going to Cincinnati.”) Heck, my first story in The athletics It was about four-plus years ago Brady’s Minnesota connections There before the Super Bowl.

Those are the stories I told them in New England. I hope to follow Mack Jones’ every move for a day in training camp This is the story of Justin Jefferson. I hope to tell the stories of the Patriots players before they get to Foxboro, like I did to reflect on this wild high school game. That was Dalvin Cook facing off against Lamar Jackson.. And I hope to make some fun, quirky pieces as you ask Vikings About players Their pre-draft scouting reports.

I’ll take you behind the scenes and present Belichick with this amazing chapter of Patriots football. Already angry In Care Of Mc JonesProgress following an impressive rookie season. Something I’m really looking forward to following. How will it be? Cole guest After the Pats baffled draft experts by selecting him in the first round, will he be the starter? How does this new group of wide receivers look like? Devante Parker And second round pick Tyquan Thompson? Who commits the crime? I am curious to know.

I’ll be in Foxboro next week to start, and two weeks later I’ll be in Las Vegas with Josh McDaniel and Robbers. in the meantime, Steve BuckleyI’m excited to call a teammate, Secretary, who will be at the Patriots training camp.

But I have to confess – this decision was not easy. Minnesota has meant a lot to me and my husband. It’s where we became adults and spent our entire 20s. It’s where we bought our first house. It’s where we made lifelong friends.

It is where both our children were born. It is where our oldest daughter, Anna Rose, received wonderful care for a rare chromosomal disorder. After Anna died, the people here hugged and comforted us. We cannot return to the people of this wonderful state who raised us up in those dark days. They celebrated the birth of our second daughter, a healthy(!) baby girl named Riley. Join us for our first fundraiser in June and help raise over $33,000 in Anna’s name for the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

They made Minnesota more than just a place we work, but a place we love and more than a place we thought we’d ever go.

It was the only job that could keep us away from Minnesota. He is more than likely to return home. It’s an opportunity to cover up. NFLA hugely successful franchise for the last three decades to a fan base that loves it so much.

I look forward to connecting with all of you through mailbags, the comment section, and email. And I hope those of you who haven’t subscribed yet will consider joining our army of journalists in Boston and around the country to read.

The athletics Michael Russo has come a long way since he wrote mine. Welcome – to the company Letter as a fry about five years ago. But the goal remains the same: telling great stories.

That’s what I take home. But I don’t change my voicemail.

(Photo: Paul Rutherford / USA Today)



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