How the Giants’ starting pitchers got upset in the 2012 World Series

How the Giants’ starting pitchers got upset in the 2012 World Series


The Giants made easy work of the Detroit Tigers in the 2012 World Series, sweeping the AL champions in four games.

It was surprising for a team that had Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera to lose four games. However, the Tigers can place some of the blame on FOX Sports Graphic for providing billboard material to San Francisco.

As did the Giants’ 2012 World Series team. Celebrated on Saturday Before at Oracle Park Pittsburgh defeated the Pirates 2-0Many stories have emerged from the dramatic fallout from a decade ago.

Former Giants starting pitcher Ryan Vogelsong spoke with NBC Sports Bay Area’s Alex Pavlovic before the event and was asked about the double check mark given by FOX Sports Graphics to the Tigers’ starting rotation against the Warriors.

“So you know, we’re down in the hole here,” Vogelsong told Pavlovic. I remember standing in that little tunnel before Game 1, and that came out, and I saw that, and I remember going, ‘Oh, really?’ ”

In addition, Vogelsong recalled discussing the graphic with former Giants starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner and took it as inspiration early in Game 1 against the Tigers.

“I think [Bumgarner] Barry was standing next to me [Zito] Vogelsong added: “And he said, ‘Did you see it?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, I see.’

“We know what we did this year, what we did last year and how good we are, but because we’re a West Coast team, we know someone else knows how good we are.”

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The series would eventually see Detroit’s starting rotation struggle as Verlander posted an 11.25 ERA, while Max Scherzer posted a 4.26 ERA in a four-game sweep. Meanwhile, Bumgarner and Vogelsong each had a 0.00 ERA, and the head-scratching graphic may have played some role in motivating each of their performances.

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