How the McMahon family is related to boxing legend and wrestler Jack Johnson

How the McMahon family is related to boxing legend and wrestler Jack Johnson


Johnson was not only one of the most successful boxers in historyBut as one of the most powerful cultural symbols of a “pioneer” in a time of intense racial tension in the United States, As reported by The Guardian. later He became the first black man to win the world heavyweight championship In the year In 1908, Johnson held the title for seven years. Johnson defeated the challenger, who is often billed as the new “great white hope” to take him down. Johnson’s reign finally ended in 1915 when he crossed paths with Jess McMahon, the most famous boxer of the time.

McMahon – known for promoting fights that cross racial barriers; As vice In the year He had a working relationship with Johnson after he helped arrange a title fight in 1912. Although Johnson’s 1915 defense against Jess Willard was less successful (Johnson lost, ending his legendary reign), the match was a good one. Sports Illustrated reported About 16,000 people attended. After promoting his first card in 1932, Jess continued to promote boxing matches for decades.

The rest, as they say, is history: The next three generations of McMahons took the professional wrestling world by storm; Swallow regional systems The dominant in the 20th century Taking the main business In the 1980s and 1990s and Running Monopoly in the form of WWEIt remains a top company today.



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