How the NZ crash will affect Airbus Gen3 construction

How the NZ crash will affect Airbus Gen3 construction

The Supercars team is racing the clock after the recent Auckland Super Sprint. In the opening lap of the second race, Brown’s car was destroyed.

It was initially feared that it would not be repaired in time for the Bathurst 1000 and that Brown and Jack Perkins would be forced into a spare chassis.

That would have effectively bought the wild card entry for Greg Murphy and Richie Stanaway out of the Grand Prix..

However, A A mammoth six-day creative effort The chassis was repaired and painted before being returned to Erebus headquarters for reassembly.

He returns to the track at Winton tomorrow for the pre-Bathurst test.

While the three-car’s Bathurst 1000 campaign was salvaged, the maintenance effort took its toll on the team’s Gen3 program.

Erebus is using Gambier-based factory Jimmy White to assemble the controller’s Gen3 chassis from kits supplied by Pace Innovations.

The first chassis was finished, however repair work on the damaged Brown car, as well as rebuilding the reserve ahead of Bathurst, Gold Coast and Adelaide, delayed work on the second chassis.

“We limited the damage a little bit, but we’re still probably going to have two weeks to redo all those parts so we’ve got parts for the next three rounds,” Ryan told the Castrol Motorsport News podcast.

“The next three rounds are where they can do a lot of damage. So Jimmy will replace all the bars now. We want to take the full package cage in kit form to Bathurst and the Gold Coast. So he will replace all the bars. We used it.” [and] All the suspended arms we bend and break.

“The Gen3 program definitely took a couple of weeks. Luckily we had the first chassis done and a lot of parts weren’t ready to go into it. So if the second chassis hits about two weeks, we’ll still be going. It’s probably finished by mid-October. We’ll still be fine.”

The accident also had no effect on the Bathurst event, forcing Erebus to change its test plans.

He planned to use the rookie test rules and run both Brodie Kostecki and Brown at The Bend Motorsport Park last week.

But because of the rebuild, Kostecki could only run in a fast, flowy setting, while Brown’s pre-Batterist test was moved to the narrow, twisty Winton circuit.

“That was the plan,” said Ryan of the two-car starter test.

“Unfortunately, Will missed the opening day at Tailem Bend, which is really a good way to test when you go to Bathurst. Like Phillip Island, you have a few flowing corners. You can get a good idea of ​​what your car might be doing on a track where you want a more Bathurst-style setup.

“It’s a shame but we had a great and successful day.”


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