How to change your region and server in Omega Strikers

How to change your region and server in Omega Strikers


Omega Attackers It is one of the latest contenders in the MOBA genre. Developed by Odyssey Interactive, exleague of legends And Team fighting techniques Developers, the game aims to change the MOBA experience with soccer mechanics.

Each character is unique and has abilities that help them score or defend the goal. Three-on-three matches can quickly become competitive, so players don’t want to deal with any lag or lag.

Choosing the right server will be the key to playing Omega Attackers The lowest possible delay rate. Alternatively, players can team up with friends from other regions or switch servers if everyone in their region is playing offline.

How to change your region and server Omega Attackers

  • Go to the leaderboard.
  • Click on the drop-down menu next to the Friends button.
  • Once you select a drop-down menu, a list of servers will appear and players can choose one.

After selecting a server, you can find a match in that region. At the time of writing this article. Omega Attackers The following regions are available in the list of servers.

  • Asia
  • North America
  • south america
  • Europe
  • International server

The leaderboard is also different for each region. When you switch to another region, it shows the most talented players. If you want to climb the leaderboards, it’s a good idea to stick with one server for consistency. In general, servers can have different playstyles, and the language barrier can play an important role in matches.



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