How to report players with Phasmorphobia

How to report players with Phasmorphobia

Kinetic Games Cop Horror Phasmophobia Their shiny new update to the title for 2020 has taken the gaming world by storm as it adds tons of new features.

For players who haven’t heard Phasmorphobiausers play as paranormal investigators by exploring haunted locations, looking for any ghostly premonitions, and leaving the home of each of the hauntings inside.

Players set up CCTV cameras or charge them with something they don’t know and record every paranormal encounter they encounter.

Phasmorphia It is rumored to introduce PvP modes in future updates and DLCs, giving fans ample opportunity to terrorize their friends.

How do I report players? Phasmophobia?

The update brings the ability to report players, which existing users have been eager to use. In very relaxed situations, toxic behavior is unsettling, so experiencing toxicity in a horror game is something players can do without.

Kinetic Games has unfortunately not confirmed how to report players. But with other games easily integrated into the system, there is no doubt that it will not be a difficult task.

It might be a button push, but we can only guess until Kinetic Games releases the update.

That’s all we know about the players’ reporting abilities. PhasmorphiaWe will keep you updated as soon as dot eSports information is released.


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