How to unlock minions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to unlock minions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley It’s an open-world life simulation adventure game that gives players hours of content to explore and interact with. This includes opportunities to cook, collect, befriend NPCs, and completely design one’s home environment. The scope of the content is vast and only increases as players go through storylines, quests and quests in different locations and regions from certain NPCs.

While there are plenty of NPCs for players to talk to and interact with in the beginning, some are not as readily available as others. In some cases, players must brave and unlock certain regions of the game to find them. Other times, players must go through a series of missions to make another appear.

One character players are having trouble reproducing is Minnie Mouse. Here, we’ll explore everything gamers need to know about how to unlock Mini Mouse. Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

Mickey And Minnie Mouse On The Bench Outside
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Unlocking Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is an unlockable and rescue character. Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. But to save her, the players have to go through Mickey Mouse’s quest line. Mickey’s quests for the player are mostly missions where players collect, pick up, or create for Mickey.

Mickey is naturally devastated that Minnie is gone and the plan is to hold a picnic in her memory. It asks the player to bring and create Minnie’s favorite foods and dishes for the picnic. Additionally, she asks the player to help her escape from prison in the mysterious realm.

Mickey has a bow in Minnie’s hair and will eventually be covered with some Merlin magic. This spell gives Mini visibility on the other side of the valley. When she meets Mini Arrow, the player informs her that they need stronger magic to save her.

From there, Merlin gives Mickey the recipe for the Dreamlight Magnifier:

  • Mini x1 memory
  • Emerald x1
  • Hardwood x2
  • Tinkering parts x6

After creating the amplifier, players can return to Mickey, where they can meet Minnie before she disappears and falls into the mysterious fantasy realm.

Once again, players call on Merlin’s powers to bring her back. But first they need to save a home for her somewhere in the valley. Once it’s done, she’ll teleport back to the plaza and players can befriend her.

A mini friendship will open.

Unlocked by Minnie Mouse, players can interact with her and develop friendships. Each character in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley It has bonus unlocks that can be obtained by increasing friendship levels. These bonuses are predetermined from character to character. Here are the Minnie Mouses:

  • Friendship level one – opens the mini mouse
  • Friendship level two – Minnie Mouse’s arrow unlocks the headband.
  • Friendship level three – clothes open
  • Friendship level four – 500 star coins
  • Friendship level five – opens a chair for furniture
  • Friendship level six – unlocks jewelry
  • Friendship level seven – 1,000 star coins
  • Friendship Level Eight – Unlocks Minnie Mouse’s bed.
  • Friendship level nine – jewelry opens
  • Friendship Level 10 – Unlocks Minnie Mouse Dress.
    • To receive this, players must complete all Mini Mouse missions in addition to the level-10 friendship.

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