HoYoFEST Philippines 2022 presents the C6 Cafe experience

HoYoFEST Philippines 2022 presents the C6 Cafe experience

Traveler, do you remember the first time you entered the vast and magical world of Tevat?

There were so many sights to see, so many places to visit and so many characters to meet. Excitement and curiosity will take over as you head to Liberty City, all while talking to floating, talking “emergency food.”

Similar feelings struck me after entering Hoyofest Philippines 2022, a Hoyoverse-themed cafe event at Moon Rabbit Cafe and Restaurant in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines from September 28 to November 6.

To the Stars and the Deep, HoYoFEST Philippines 2022

Every room in the restaurant was decorated with beautiful life-size prints of Hoyovers art, including the latest Sumeru content.

Also scattered around the scene were the traveling twins, Paimon, Nilu, and Raiden Shogun.

Just a few steps from the entrance was the facility’s cafe extension, which displays artwork from Arkon’s missions over the years. As an avid Genshin Impact player, seeing these posters made me feel nostalgic and reminded me of the historical battles we fought from Mondstadt to Sumeru.

The taste of Tivat in every bite

Hoyofest Philippines 2022 At Moon Rabbit Cafe & Restaurant, Presents The Menu, Food And Beverage
Credit: Christine Titting/ONE Esports

Just like in the game, the food they served filled the energy of travelers from different regions.

The Chicken Mushroom Skewers were delicious, consisting of one slice of mushroom and two pieces of grilled chicken on a stick. The Creamy Stew and Juniper Chilli Chicken were both very filling, and came with bowls of steaming rice. The apple cider and berry and mint burst drinks were cool and refreshing.

I really appreciate the organizer’s efforts to bring Genshin Impact’s in-game dishes to life, their visuals for T.A. Considering the ambiance and the event menu, I felt as if I had eaten in Mondstadt’s share of good saviors and angels!

Now bring on Bartender Deluxe – no, seriously.

Dozens of official merchandise in your reach

Hundreds of official Genshin merchandise were displayed on the restaurant’s shelves, featuring the game’s popular 4-star and 5-star characters. Button pins, stationary, keychains, mouse pads, folders, notebooks – you name it, you’ve got it!

Similar to last year’s HoYoFEST, there were tons of freebies that came with every merchandise purchase. Passengers who spent the least amount received postcards, paper bags and themed folders, all for free.

Even if you don’t bring merch with you or break out like a 5-star Geo character, you can still get a chance to win goodies with the scratch card on the website, which offers both. A postcard or random merchandise – it all depends on you. up to Luck, of course.

Is HoYofest Philippines 2022 worth going to?

Attending this year’s HoYoFEST event will rejuvenate your spirits as a long time traveler and will definitely make you want to play the open world game more.

The best part of my experience was hanging out with other Genshin players and swapping stories about our past and future adventures around Tyvat. Overall, HoYoFEST 2022 was a perfect, emotional anniversary gift from the HoYoverse.

If you’d like to stream this official Genshin Impact event, check out our full guide on how to attend HoYoFEST 2022 here.

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