“I didn’t think I could win.”

“I didn’t think I could win.”

Italian golf is back to its glory days: Guido Migliozzi is the third blue French Open in history. And he does it with a stunning -9 on the final lap, complete with an exceptional second shot on hole 18, and the highest contrast imaginable wasted.

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So the man from Vicenza said in the winner’s interview on the microphones of the DP World Tour at the end of the performance: “An explosion of emotions. An incredible day, I played very hard.

I was very comfortable with my game. I love to play golf, I love the battle on the field. I just kept playing hole after hole. I wasn’t worried, I loved my game. It was special “At the very beginning, it didn’t really look like a day of victory: “I really didn’t think I could win.

The main goal of the season was to keep the card. I changed something a bit, Callaway was with me, he helped me. To change my attitude, I tried to be more comfortable on the field. Yesterday, Rasmus made that mistake on the 2nd hole and opened the tournament.

” For three years, Migliozzi did not win any race, while many second places were reached: “I believed that one day I would return to winning. It’s amazing. I worked as hard as possible this season.

I had high expectations but they did not translate into results. It’s nice to think that the cup is in your hands.” A thought for all the rest of his side: “It’s always great to be close to the family, even in Rome I played very well even though I missed a few shots. .

I continued to train hard and the rewards were there. Today was one of those days where I proved to myself that I can do really well.


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