“I feel more free” after Daria Kasatkina came out.

“I feel more free” after Daria Kasatkina came out.


Daria Kasatkina She is back in America to talk about her decision to reveal her coming out to the whole world without fearing criticism and criticism on social media. A story that earned her a lot of applause and a certificate of honor in the past few days: “You can’t live in hiding.”

It doesn’t matter, you will focus on it completely until you choose to leave. Of course, it’s up to you to decide how to do it and how much to say. Being at peace with yourself is the only important thing, shame on everyone else! ” This is what the tennis player underlined in an interview with famous Russian blogger Vitya Kravchenko in recent weeks.

Several athletes commented on the Russian word, including Coco Gaff: “In tennis, at least with the girls around, I think we push each other regardless of background or identity. It comes to this.”

I am grateful that she felt comfortable enough with her to share that part of her life. She shouldn’t have done it, but I can imagine how many people in her situation would feel inspired by it.” Naomi Osaka also praised the choice: “I thought it was amazing how she was doing.

I think we should come together to support her, because it is a bit dangerous situation. I think it’s amazing that she’s so self-proclaimed and defensive about all of this. I will always support her who believes.”

Katkina words

The girl said about it at the WTA in San Jose: “I’m more free and happy, I think I’ve taken the right step. With the situation in the world, all this is difficult, when not? It’s only good for me, but I’ve helped other people too.”

It’s great and I feel great. I’m not 18, I’m 25 years old. I have to show all that I have in these years. I think it’s time to give more than take.



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