“I hope you take it…”

“I hope you take it…”

Legendary actor Hugh Jackman responds to Roger Federer’s emotional speech at the end of his Leverkusen retirement match. “My friend. Congratulations! I saw your speech last night. You are one of the kindest. An extraordinary person—one who graciously showed humility to all around you.

I hope you will receive the gratitude that millions and millions, including me, have for you. HJ,” Hugh Jackman responded to one of Federer’s posts on Instagram.

Hugh Jackman honored Federer shortly after his retirement

Shortly after Federer announced his retirement at the Laver Cup, Hugh Jackman wrote a message to Roger Federer to acknowledge his illustrious tennis career.

“You have left an unmistakable, incomparable mark on the sport of tennis.” thanks a lot! Hugh Jackman responds to Federer’s farewell video. Related: “Wolverine” Hugh Jackman will honor Roger Federer after his retirement.

Hugh Jackman was once forced to climb 15 floors by Federer. After Roger Federer invited professional tennis players and celebrities from around the world, including Hugh Jackman, to show off his indoor training routines in 2020, the actor best known for his Wolverine looks to start climbing 15 levels.

“Roger, I love those tricks! Unfortunately, we do not have tennis courts in New York City. But we have one thing that you guys don’t have, which is a lot of these (shaping the ranks). 15 floors, baby! ” says Hugh Jackman in the video.

After seeing Jackman’s quick reaction, Federer couldn’t help but bring up the character that brought Hugh so much to his current fame. “Wolverine is always in beast mode. 15 floors, babe! Federer wrote on Instagram.


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