If the NY Mets can’t win the World Series, we already know the problem.

If the NY Mets can’t win the World Series, we already know the problem.

New York Mets Fans have every right to trust in this team. All but a handful of dates in 2022 have topped the charts.

There were plenty of times the Mets could have rolled. Fortunately, there wasn’t an extended period where the Mets looked all that miserable. Even with Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer gone for big seasons, they did what the 15-year-old decorator in your kitchen says: keep calm.

Even if they are short, we already know the issue. They are bats.

The Mets know how to score runs, but they aren’t quite as indestructible an offense as some other teams in the same division. This was never a team meant to win with the bats. The dock and standing bull that is supposed to take them to the parade is starting.

As long as the Mets are producing Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor and holding on to guys, they should find ways to run. However, if one of the hitters at the top or middle of the order goes cold, the rest of the team is likely to follow.

There’s still plenty to catch on offense, plenty of doubt about Eduardo Escobar and plenty of questions about the DH spot — especially since the Mets will face lefty when Daniel Vogelback sits. There are three areas in which there is a problem with cases. They won this year thanks to two of the league’s best run producers and a handful of young guys in the same lineup.

If the Mets’ season ends in a sad 2022, we already know the image on the screen. A low-scoring game with one mistake by deGrom and no help for the offense was a tear-jerker we all think.

It will be up to the Mets’ hitters to ensure that doesn’t happen. They have a starting rotation that we can rely on to keep them in the games. The batsmen have to do the rest.

next to. They meet 3 free agents who won’t return next year. Darkness


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