Inside offensive line and wide receiver are questions.

Inside offensive line and wide receiver are questions.


It’s not rocket science to see the obvious issues with Clemson’s football offense. After 2021, the questions at quarterback are a given and beyond that people will turn to the offensive line in general, and the interior of the offensive line in particular.

our friend, Jason Rev of He was on Mark Rogers TV recently and for my money he hit the nail on the head when discussing both.

We all know DJ Ugalele struggles, but he spent the better part of the season holding down defenders coming at him and handling receivers who threw 27 passes on the season. loss to win.

Jason said what many of us have been thinking. of Offensive line And Wide receivers Those are huge question marks heading into 2021.

Another interesting aspect of the discussion is that the wide receivers are cast on the team’s performance. A guest blamed the quarterback, the host, and Jason, who tended to place more blame where I believe it should be – the wide receivers themselves, including the aforementioned drops and team blocking, which I detailed earlier.

Everyone knows the quarterback deserves the blame, but he’s not responsible for the missed blocks by the wide receiver. If you’re looking at their stats, they could definitely be better with better quarterback play, I think everybody realizes that.

The main thing is that they should play better and they should not be relieved of any responsibility because of the attacking play.

DJ Ugalelei in 2011 He shouldered most of the blame for his offensive performance in 2021, but had plenty to spread around.

I’ve said this many times – there’s enough blame to go around.

On the offensive line, if Jason has questions about the interior of the offensive line, I’ve given him enough of an ear to know, and so have I. Of course I had it before I saw the video, but this reinforces the possibility of some growing pains in the group, especially in early spring.

While we’re all hopeful that Will Putnam will develop into a good center, hoping that happens in Game 1 Snap 1 doesn’t seem like a wise bet.

The good news for Clemson is that they have three games to find out before the trip to Winston-Salem becomes a reality.



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