Is Bam Adebayo a power forward in the Miami Heat?

Is Bam Adebayo a power forward in the Miami Heat?


Q: The question for the Heat going forward is whether Bam Adebayo can be a point forward like Draymond Green, Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James. While Erik Spoelstra’s small ball is effective, Bam is underpowered against Embiids and Jokic in today’s game, and with Spo’s defense, Bam is underpowered without a rim protector/rebounder behind him. I feel like when Pat Riley drafted Bam, he envisioned him as a force to play alongside Hassan Whiteside. Maybe it’s time for Spoo to revisit the Bam role. – Michael, Boca Raton.

A: Unless, and I know this goes against a lot of Erik Spoelstra’s positional ethos, I believe Bam Adebayo’s advantage will diminish quickly. The Heat thrived when Bam was at least able to draw opposing big men to his elbow with his screening and playmaking. Take him as a power forward and most of the advantage he has built up in recent years is neutral. Plus, it’s often about getting your best players on the court, especially in the closing moments. I’m not sure if Omer Urseven or Dewayne Dedmon (the other current options at center) would be in the top five. However, there’s no reason not to experiment with such lineups during the preseason or the occasional preseason game.

Q: Would Omer Urseven and Dwayne Dedmon be willing to partially offset the loss of Bam Adebayo? – Bill, Palm Beach Gardens.

A: That would only be an issue if Bam Adebayo was included in a trade. And the only trade involving Bam would be one for Kevin Durant (even that). So with a lineup that includes Durant, Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry and maybe even Tyler Herron, yes, you can find him at placeholder center as long as you move to small ball over the course of the games. But if Adebayor is signed to Durant, they could be attractive to free agent centers and potential free agent prospects at the NBA trade deadline.

Q: Perhaps the best activities in the heat are indoor. Now that we have a true point guard in Kyle Lowry, Tyler Hero can be moved to the starting lineup as the shooting guard. – Carlos, West Park.

A: But if a deal is available, it would likely come before any chance to significantly test a starting lineup of Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry and Tyler Hero in the same starting five. It could work in theory, because you’d still have defenders like Butler, Lowry and Bam Adebayo in that lineup. But you never know until you know.



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