Is Jerry Jones the last announcer of the Cowboys? Boxing Hall of Famer Bob Arum thinks so

Is Jerry Jones the last announcer of the Cowboys?  Boxing Hall of Famer Bob Arum thinks so

FRISCO – One of the best things about Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is his accessibility.

Jones was on the field Monday night at MetLife Stadium, taking pictures with fans. Cowboys 23-16 victory over the Giants. Then on Tuesday mornings, Jones would do his weekly radio show on the Cowboys’ flagship station. 105.3 Fan [KRLD-FM]. Jones is everywhere these days, on ESPN’s First Take morning show, on local radio and, of course, talking to the Cowboys’ bookmakers.

Jones is the ultimate promoter.

“You know he’s absolutely fantastic as a spokesperson, as a person when he talks about an event,” said Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum, who worked with Jones to bring two boxing matches to AT&T Stadium. “And, he’s about being the funniest person and that encompasses everyone who works on the show. So everybody, you know, either event we all had a smile on our face and it makes for a very rewarding experience.

Cowboys fans have expressed disappointment in Jones, both with injuries and his general feelings about the team.

Jones said. The fan He thought of the quarter Dak Prescott may return early from a broken thumb. It takes four to six weeks to heal.

Jones’ comments sparked a national debate over whether Prescott could return within a month. Then last week, Jones told reporters he didn’t want anything. Quarterback controversy between backup Cooper Rush and Prescott Because competition is what you want.

“Whether he believes everything he says, I don’t know, he’s definitely an optimist,” Arum said. I didn’t know but he seemed really sincere.

Jones is the best thing to happen to the Cowboys on Tuesday morning. Have a backup quarterback so you don’t miss a step With the starter. In reality, Prescott will return to the starting position when he fully recovers from his thumb injury.

“I can’t get those things though until the backup comes in and the shots are fired and he gets a chance to show what he can do,” Jones said. The fan. ” He is showing us. We are bought by this. The team is inspired by this. I am inspired by it. It’s about as expected if Dak misses playing time.

A Cowboys owner, like Arum, plays to the crowd and realizes that whether people are talking about you, good or bad, is a positive thing.

“He would do well,” Jones said, if he promoted boxing. “He knows how to draw a crowd, he knows how to charm people, and he has this personality that commands the loyalty of everyone he meets.”

Jones had fun with the morning show crew. RJ Choppy and Shan Shariff on the fan on Tuesday. Asked if he smoked a victory cigar or something, Jones laughed and said, “Hey, I don’t want to answer that.” But I do. I have a big cigarette in my mouth if there is something important. “I’m not really picky about what happens after we win.”

He spoke like a true preacher.

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