Is Pokémon UNITE free to play? – Point Esports

Is Pokémon UNITE free to play?  – Point Esports


Pokémon UNITE is released in July 2021 for Nintendo Switch and September 2021 on mobile devices, with both versions being completely free to play and featuring cross-play and full progression.

It follows the trend used by most MOBA titles, being F2P but Moonlight as a “free-to-start” experience such as playable Pokemon and other content that must be unlocked before use.

UNITE offers many optional in-game purchases, so even developer Timmy Studios uses it constantly to market the game. These include players who purchase Aeos Gems to unlock Gem-only cosmetic items called Holowear, Avatar Cosmetics, and Game Premium Battle Pass, which only unlock items included in the Holowear Battle Pass.

Aeos Gems can be used to easily unlock many other items in the game such as other cosmetics and unit licenses for Pokémon. Standard items can be obtained using the game’s free currency Aeos Coins or Aeos Tickets, which you earn by playing the game, although the noise can sometimes be real for repeat players who want to unlock more than a limited amount of content.

Also, like most multi-platform games that offer microtransactions, if you buy Aeos Gems you can’t use them on both systems – so any premium currency bought on Switch can’t be used on mobile.

However, players can use the same account on multiple devices using a Pokemon Trainer Club account or Nintendo Account, and content purchased with gems will continue.



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