Jenny Buss’ Twitter account ‘hacked,’ PS5s ‘for sale’

Jenny Buss’ Twitter account ‘hacked,’ PS5s ‘for sale’

Jeanie Buss

Jeanie Buss
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It’s not Jenny Buss’s fault that her Twitter was hacked. It happens to celebrities all the time – at least that’s what everyone tells us after something embarrassing happens to their account.

I seriously doubt that the owner of one of the world’s most famous sports franchises decided in the middle of the night to cheat people who will never receive a PlayStation 5. Is she committing financial crimes with her verified account to earn a few thousand dollars? The Buss family doesn’t have Steve Ballmer’s money, but it’s highly doubtful Jeannie needs a little extra for the account. Inflation will increase in California.

That doesn’t make it funny though. After Bill Russell’s death on Sunday, Buss didn’t post and retweeted a video of Kobe Bryant talking about him — because it was important to mention Bryant at the time. Monday night she went to bed – probably with her phone on Do Not Disturb – messages and calls were coming in saying her account had been hacked. She wakes up on Tuesday to see a tweet under her blue checkmark about selling her PS5 “for charity” and a chance to go gaming.

Jenny Buss' Twitter Image For The Article Titled The Lakers' 2021-22 Season Was More Exciting

There’s a good chance the Lakers’ social media director was working before 9 a.m. today, figuring out how to take down the posts and get the account back under Buss’ control. Or social media.

It reminds me of Bad Boys II when rats were eating Johnny Tapia’s money. He acknowledged that it was a very stupid problem to have, “but it is a problem, nonetheless.” Here Buss is with a new coaching staff and most of the same roster that last season went 33-49, featuring the final year of Russell Westbrook’s $205 million contract.

Kawhi Leonard will be back in uniform this season for the Los Angeles Clippers, and she has to fend off a continuously growing Golden State Warriors fan base in her town as they have won their fifth championship in eight seasons while the Lakers have missed the playoffs in two of the last four. Training camp starts late next month and what is her first order of business on the second day of August, trying to regain control of a personal social media account, and her mentions being flooded with jokes about trading Westbrook for a gaming system. Since the hacker was capable of getting into her account, maybe the person is also bright enough to have some good ideas about how to trade him. Nothing beats a failure but a try, right?

This is also Buss’ second social media mishap of the summer. The first was no hack. The night before the Fourth of July, she decided to Tweet She said she missed Bryant because she understood that everything would fall into place until the team was first. It’s not the best decision to make, especially during a slow news cycle, after your team has finished with its worst winning percentage in five years, and it’s not a “Black Lives Matter” or “Real Housewives” friendly decision. Series.

At 11:15 a.m., the hacker’s tweets were removed from her account, she tweeted from the Los Angeles Lakers account. It was hacked. And they ordered people not to give the account any money or engage with it until the Lakers can confirm the hacker has been removed.

At least until the Lakers have a chance to win in 2022-23, it might be time to shake off that label. They currently have a starting lineup that includes Westbrook, Talen Horton-Tucker and Avery Bradley. Following the Lakers’ three-game losing streak, it would be great if someone hacked Buss’s account and made five turd emojis, but it would destroy what little team chemistry they have.

While it’s always fun to joke about the Lakers, if TNT is going to put them on TV every other week, I should be able to take them a little more seriously. Jeanie Buss Twitter is just so much fun.


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