Jervonta Davis looking at jail time after judge rejects plea deal in hit-and-run case

Jervonta Davis looking at jail time after judge rejects plea deal in hit-and-run case


Gervonta Davis He was involved in a 2020 hit-and-run that may not get away with a slap on the wrist. That’s how it is. The Baltimore BannerDavis rejected a plea deal that would have saved him prison time, Mann reported.

The prosecutor’s appeal included a sentence of one year in prison, two months in jail and dismissal for charges of leaving the scene of an accident causing bodily injury and property damage, driving with a revoked license and running a red light.

Judge Melissa Finn rejected the offer after hearing testimony from Jair Smith, who was injured in the crash. Smith told the court that Davis’ Lamborghini SUV hit a car that ran a red light, causing serious injuries. before it disappears.

“Mr. Gervonta Davis begged; I saw it in his eyes,” she said. “I said I have to go home to my son, I’m pregnant. He never once came to help me. He took his things and left.”

Smith said she suffered a serious knee injury in the crash. Three other people who were in the hit car were also hospitalized with injuries.

This most recent plea comes after Davis rejected an earlier offer from prosecutors. The earlier offer stipulated that Davis would serve at least 120 days in jail, with a mostly suspended one-year sentence.

In addition to the criminal charges, Davis also faces civil lawsuits from victims of the crash. Davis is believed to have reached a settlement with the three victims. Davis’ attorneys ignored her attempts to reach a settlement, Smith said in court.

Davis, 27, is considered one of the most talented boxers on the planet. He has held multiple titles in three weight divisions (ultra lightweight, lightweight and super featherweight). He extended his pro record to 27-0 with a sixth-round KO of Rolando Romero in May.



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