Joe Burrow’s father says the Bengals star QB could be out a few more weeks following a surprise appendectomy

Joe Burrow’s father says the Bengals star QB could be out a few more weeks following a surprise appendectomy


Two weeks have passed since Joe Burrow had his appendix removed and after the surgery Bengals They hinted at when their star quarterback might be back on the field.

Season press release on Friday, Bengals coach Zach Taylor said Burroughs was “day-to-day,” but as it turns out, the quarterback could be closer to “week-to-week.” Burrows’ father, Jimmy, released some new information late last week, though the Bengals were unsure when he would return to the field.

Season Interview on the “Trenches” podcast Interviewed by Bengals radio analyst Dave Lapham, the elder Burrow said it could be “a few weeks” before his son returns to the field.

“It set him back,” Jimmy Burrow said of the surgery. “But it seems to be getting better every day, and hopefully, we’ll be back on the field here in a few weeks.”

After the burro holds its stomach On July 27At the time, it was expected that he could return to the field After one to the Four weeks of recovery. If Jimmy Burrow’s new timeline is correct, that means it could still be a few weeks before Joe starts practicing again, meaning the Bengals may not get him back on the field fully until late August or early September. He may drop or do exercises before that, but it seems unlikely that he will practice).

Burrow was in the Bengals facility most days. From July 29. Although he doesn’t practice, thankfully he is a big presence on the practice field. The new golf cart (At one point in the week, even in the cart “ran” the speed of the wind rotates).

The Bengals had practice on Sunday and that session marked Burrow’s first appearance since surgery. He got out of the golf cart Any extended period.

This Wednesday (August 8) marks the 14th day since Burrow’s surgery, and in most cases this is the window where you usually see a player return. For example, during the 2021 preseason, Rams Backup quarterback John Wolford was able to return from an appendectomy in 13 days.

That doesn’t mean Burrow should be able to match that, but having a similar recovery window would make sense. However, based on Jimmy Burrow’s comments, it looks like Joe’s surgery may be more difficult than your standard appendectomy. In an interview with Lapham at one point, Jimmy Burrow called Joe’s operation “a big operation”.

“There are always risks and complications with this type of surgery,” Jimmy said. “Joe needs to listen to his doctors and trainers at the facility and take it easy. He’s not a guy to take it easy, but he’s got to do it and if he proves what he can do, it’s going to be good in the long run. He’s got to do it.”

Jimmy was also asked if Joe’s appendix was actually torn and refused to confirm or deny that possibility (recovery time for a torn appendix is ​​generally longer than a few weeks for a non-torn appendix).

“I’m not sure,” Jimmy said when asked about the fracture. “We’ve heard from different doctors and we’ve heard a lot of different things. I’ll let John, if he wants to tell you any details, I’ll let him tell you the details.”

The elder Burrow also pointed out where the issue of attachment of the child came from.

“It kind of surprised us,” Jimmy Burrow said. “I’ve never met someone. Being with someone, especially Joe, is painful, not fun.”

If the Bengals are taking it slow with Burroughs, it’s because they don’t want to take chances with their franchise quarterback. As Jimmy pointed out in the interview, the kid is very competitive and if he tries and comes back early from his injury, that could really work against him.

“When he’s feeling good, he definitely wants to push the envelope,” Jimmy said. “I know he’s going to be healthy the whole season, and I know this setback in the next few weeks is going to put him into the season.”

The last thing the Bengals want to see is a setback, which is why the team refuses to put a timeline on a potential return for their star QB, who led Cincinnati to the Super Bowl last season for the first time in 33 years. . He plays when he is ready to play and he is simply not ready to play.

Barrow took it slow in the preseason last year while working his way back from an ACL tear, and that worked out well for Cincinnati.

The good news for the Bengals this year is that Joe seems to be doing well, he just isn’t ready to practice yet.

“I think it’s good, it’s getting better every day,” Jimmy Burrow said. “He really likes being with his teammates, so he spends as much time in the facility as possible.”

Based on what the elder Burrow said, it’s safe to assume there’s a zero-percent chance we’ll see Joe Burrough take the field once in the preseason, meaning his first start this year could come in Cincinnati’s regular-season opener. steels on September 11 at 1 pm ET on CBS.



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