Joel Bitonio thinks Jesse Tretter is being blackballed for his stance on player safety.

Joel Bitonio thinks Jesse Tretter is being blackballed for his stance on player safety.


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Colin Kaepernick may have some company.

Free agent center JC Tretter, who is the president of the NFL Players Association, will be available in mid-August. Former Browns teammate Joel Bitonio Tretter suggests that his role as a vocal advocate for player safety may have contributed to his continued unemployment.

“When you have a top-five, top-10 guy in the middle of the league and he’s not on the roster, you know, and he’s the president of the NFLPA and maybe some owners don’t appreciate what he brings to the table. While trying to protect player safety and things of that nature, on certain topics; It seems a little suspicious to me” Bitonio said, via Mary Kay Cabot Cleveland Plain Dealer. “But, again, I don’t know what’s behind closed doors. I don’t know what his conversations are with teams and stuff, but from an outside perspective, players who are close to the top of their game are usually taken. Teams want to win in this league. So it’s definitely an interesting topic. “

Teams want to win in this league. That was the commissioner’s repeated excuse for teams not signing Kaepernick. Teams want to win, so they will not hesitate to pursue a player who can help them win. (Unless you tank of course)

The Browns saved more than $8.235 million in cap space by cutting Tretter earlier this year. The Browns also lost a center. Nick Harris Friday night for the season. Bux previously lost center — Ryan Jensen, perhaps for the year. There is no serious speculation that either team will sign Tretter.

None of this has stopped Tretter from working for NFL players. Saturday, Traitor he shouted On the condition of the playground on the military field.

In the year A fourth-round pick in 2013, Tretter spent four years with the Packers and five with the Browns. He It is placed on the 89th place On the Top 101 Players of 2021 list.

Would it be crazy to think that the owners would shun Traitor because he has become a trigger for the oligarchs? not at all. It’s another reason why high-profile (and highly compensated) quarterbacks are more involved in union leadership. They are less likely to be hit with a black ball, and more likely to have a rank and file command if/when a line in the sand is to be drawn – even if it does strike.

For now, it’s worth paying attention to what’s going on at Traitor. If the goal is to keep the club away from the league because it helps to run it, then ignoring it will make it easier for the owners to pull it.



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