John Harbaugh agrees with players like OBJ: Every team should have a great playoff spot.

John Harbaugh agrees with players like OBJ: Every team should have a great playoff spot.

John Harbaugh Agrees With Players Like Obj Every Team Should

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After the Giants reception Sterling Shepard Suffering an unrelated, uncut ACL tear Monday night at MetLife Stadium, former Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. wondered why. Not every stadium has grass.

In a week after Baltimore played the Jets at MetLife Stadium — and lost the effort — some on social media were quick to dust off Ravens coach John Harbaugh’s comments. John James And cornerback Kyle Fuller for serious injuries.

“Everybody in this league has to do their best. Put the best page there” Harbaugh told reporters on Sept. 14. Our league is truly a player-driven league. And we want those people to have the best, especially the floors to play on. You know, you can’t always have everything. I will look at it [Ravens owner] For example, Steve Bisciotti. And, you know, we’ve been like, seven, eight, nine years, the players have gone to Steve and asked, or grass. And Steve immediately said ‘yes’. was his answer. He didn’t blink. He said yes. It has put the best grass you can put in for our airy property. And you guys have seen how well it plays.

Harbaugh also praised the duo for prioritizing the playoff spot over Baltimore’s division rivals.

“I give credit to Cleveland and the Haslams for doing it out there on the grass,” Harbaugh said. Pittsburgh, obviously, the Rooneys, you know what they did.

So what was the deal at MetLife Stadium in Week 1?

“That grass was dropped, it was packed, it was a little tight,” Harbaugh said. “Maybe that’s the way it should be, I don’t know. But that’s what I saw. It was a little hard.”

Not for the first time. Complaints have been filed About the quality of the playing surface in the stadium shared by the Jets and Giants. With two teams playing their entire home game on the field, it is even more important that there is no question about the quality of the surface.

Kudos to Harbaugh for being willing to say what he needs to say, especially since it’s unpopular with the rich few who own NFL teams and don’t prioritize using the best possible playing fields. .


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