Joseph Parker Wants Dillian Wyatt Rematch After Defeat to ‘The Better Man’ Joe Joyce Boxing News

Joseph Parker Wants Dillian Wyatt Rematch After Defeat to ‘The Better Man’ Joe Joyce Boxing News

Joseph Parker has unfinished business against Dillian Wyatt as he looks to make a quick return to the ring following his loss to Joe Joyce on Saturday night.

Parker suffered the first stoppage of his career when he was undone by a massive left hook from Joyce to end the bout in the 11th round in Manchester.

The victory earned Joyce the WBO interim heavyweight title and put him in prime position to challenge world champion Oleksandr Usyk.

“He was a better guy, I’d love the chance to fight him again, but I’ve got to get back on track,” Parker said. ID box. “I was happy to be involved in a great fight and congratulations to Joe Joyce.

Joe Joyce Celebrates His 11Th Round Knockout Win Over Joseph Parker.
Joe Joyce celebrates his 11th round knockout win over Joseph Parker.

“When you watch Joe Joyce’s exploits, the punches don’t look very fast but they’re really hard and his jab was deceptive and faster than I thought. Maybe I should have done some head movement and other things. It’s better.”

While his famous chin stood up to Parker in the early rounds of strength, Joyce still proved a tough opponent to break down.

The Londoner never seemed to slow down and completely dominated the second half of the fight before wearing down Parker and landing the decisive blow.

“I was just boxing as hard as I could to get the pressure off him, the first few rounds were okay,” Parker said. “When he hit the sixth it all turned around, obviously I got caught with a good shot, it happens.

“I felt really good, the training camp was good, I felt good and I have no excuses. I just have to go back and learn and keep working.

Joyce Parker
Joyce sends Parker to the canvas.

“I landed the ball well and he kept coming forward as if nothing had happened, he could take a punch. He returned a lot of punches and kept pushing.”

Parker, who has previously been in the ring with the likes of Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz Jr. and Wyatt, says Joyce is the best he’s ever been.

“Joe Joyce is on top of what he showed last night, the push, the punch, the determination to keep pushing,” he explained.

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Dillian Witt flattened Joseph Parker twice and then survived a near knockout in the final 30 seconds to win on points in their heavyweight bout.

The 30-year-old suffered a decision loss against Hayt in 2018 when he dropped his opponent in the final round. No matter who the opponent is, Parker has a desire to stay active.

“I think I think like a fighter and I take myself as an example, the more I fight, the better I fight and the more time you have to fight, the more you lose touch,” he said. “I want to fight as fast as I can.

“I go home, see my wife and kids and have a good time and then come back and see what’s coming.

“I’d love to fight Dillian Wyatt. If he’s free and available and there’s nothing locked in to him, I think it would be a great fight.

“He’s coming off a loss. I’m coming off a loss. It would be great if we could do that because the first fight was a close fight.”


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