Kyle Okposo tells the story of Sidney Crosby High School

Kyle Okposo tells the story of Sidney Crosby High School

Kyle Okposo recently told a little Sidney Crosby story on Spittin’ Chiclets. While they say he’s on his way to becoming something the world has never seen before, it’s always interesting to see what’s in the memory of someone who knew Crosby before he was actually “Sidney Crosby.”

In high school, Sid was a rookie, playing for the prestigious Shattuck St. Mary’s program and scoring 162 points (72 goals, 90 assists) in 57 games in 2002-03 before heading to Quebec at the age of 14. Junior League. Part of that sum no doubt stems from being surrounded by future NHL stars with bright futures like Okposo himself.

This story oozes a “Michael Jordan at the Last Dance” kind of vibe, showing what the greatest player of all time could do with a little ingenuity and then a little more. Oh, you think your 20-point weekend was good, Kyle? How’s that for 25, huh?

At a young age, Crosby always showed that he had that edge to climb and was a great one-on-one teammate and friend. That’s a rare breed of competitiveness and drive. When combined with the type of high performance of a player like Jordan or Crosby who gets into the zone and makes a point play, it will be the stuff of legend all these years from now.


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