LIV golfers are seeking orders to play in the FedEx Cup playoffs. That is nonsense.

LIV golfers are seeking orders to play in the FedEx Cup playoffs.  That is nonsense.



Emergency! Emergency! Taylor Goch is seeking immediate injunctive relief to prevent “irreparable damage” to his self-inflicted golf career. Although months ago he had to bleed the riyal and halal lockboxes from the Saudi government, he is insisting on his right to compete on courses designed to compete against the backdrop of bluebird songs, blowing the horn with $75 million in PGA Tour tournament money. Sports finance professionals. He wants a legal remedy for his suffering, before… what? Should he hand over his private door key at TPC Southwind?

Every week, it seems, players like Gooch – along with the ever-increasing number of Phil Mickelson, Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson and other deserters. Saudi Golf Exhibition Circuit – It shows new types of forgetfulness to go with them Unrepentant greed. These are not mills taking on US Steel to win freedom for the worker Their incredible anti-trust charges He makes them to be. They are businessmen who do whatever they want for the sake of profit. Join unscrupulous competitors who willfully violate the terms of their PGA Tour membership. They continue to work happily for a living, play for dirty money in pastoral pleasures, and eat the game so well that it is so unnecessary that it is no small obstacle to becoming fat.

Freedom of choice is what they used. Norma Raes in gabardine, they are not. And their legal arguments are bubbles blown by arrogant airheads.

Phil Mickelson, 10 other LIV golfers, have filed an antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Tour.

Like the great Fran Lebowitz Once upon a time for Vanity Fair, there is such a thing as an “immoral equation”. According to Lebowitz, immoral egalitarianism is the false “identification of the fates” of the privileged with the truly oppressed. That’s what we have with these empty questions of law – immoral equality.

These so-called oppressors charge that the PGA Tour is a “monopolist” that wants to force them. “The purpose of this action is to overturn the PGA Tour’s anti-competition rules and practices that prevent these independent contractor golfers from playing when and where they choose,” he said in a statement last week.

First of all, who among the living goes to work, or play, when or where we choose?

Second, a monopolist monopolizes something and prevents others from participating in it. No one is stopping Gooch and other opportunists from plying their trade – just last month. By Donald Trump Bedminster, NJ, Corsrecording in coins from Their bone-splitting supporters. So far, three Saudi-sponsored events have been held with purses of $25 million, and Gooch played in all three, collecting $2.83 million for nine days of golf. That’s $314,000 for each of the 18 holes, with no cuts. As a PGA Tour attorney argued, Gooch and others left the PGA Tour simply “for a pile of money.”

So for Goch, Matt Jones and Hudson Swafford to seek emergency relief and prevent the PGA Tour from playing this week’s FedEx Cup playoffs, the St. Jude Championship and the inaugural event with a $15 million purse, without fair warning. . Judge Beth Labson Freeman will hear arguments Tuesday afternoon in San Jose. Her opening question should be: what An emergency?

Is LIV ‘the future of golf’ – or just golf with a soundtrack?

Gooch and company will have to convince the judge they didn’t know the ban two months ago was punishment for cheating PGA Tour players and entering Saudi events that conflicted with the tour’s business. They must be convinced that their case has “merit”. They must convincingly show that they will be harmed if they cannot play – and that their harm will be greater than the harm done to PGA Tour members who have remained faithful and now have to put up with these deceitful jokes. Cut on the line.

The judge should throw the question where it belongs: to one of Trump’s Overflowing toilets. And the anti-implantation clothes should be washed in the same black tube.

“Despite knowing full well that Plaintiffs would violate tour rules and be banned for doing so, they joined a competing golf league … paid tens and hundreds of millions of dollars by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund to carry out their violations.” ” read the PGA Tour’s counter-movement. “… Plaintiffs are now going to court to seek a mandatory injunction to compel them to enter at the end of the touring season. [FedEx Cup] Playoffs are a measure that affects all tour members who follow the rules.

Since when do they deserve legal relief from those who broke the contract and sold them? It is no wonder that loyal patriots began to loathe the defectors. Joel Dahmen He tweeted.: “It seems some people want to have their cake and eat it too [too]. Please go away in your fantasy land. Regards, Most Guides.



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