Liverpool FC – Jurgen Klopp’s defeat in Strasbourg, youth and the start of the season

Liverpool FC – Jurgen Klopp’s defeat in Strasbourg, youth and the start of the season


Learning a lot from the night on young players…

Yes, this is the main thing for such a night. You know, I said before the game, when we planned this game we obviously thought we had to do it for the first team team, for the first team players, because we could play a striker, which normally we didn’t do today. Yesterday, Diogo, Oxlade, Naby, Curtis, and now on the day of the match, Naby was sick and Curtis felt a little bit and we couldn’t take any risks and suddenly the team is really young and you play a very strong Strasbourg side. .

I told the boys tonight after the game, in the second half, I’m really proud of the response, because these kids in their age group are always the best and now we’re going to step up to senior football and I like it. Response. We saw the goals in the first half. We made mistakes but Strasbourg used them right. I think the first three shots were goals and that really made it difficult to stay positive, which is very important in the game of football. But we found a way back and obviously the second half was much better. I loved a lot of the performances, how the guys bought into the way we wanted to play. But when there’s no striker on the pitch, it makes life difficult and we played into their hands because the more passes they played, the tighter the gaps were. Maybe they lose the ball. When the ball is lost, you gain physical strength up front by counter-attacking.

It was very tricky but I loved the second half and I loved how the crowd was… I’m 100 per cent sure that the lads out there first saw the Liverpool shirt and thought we were going to win this game clearly. Then they came here and the parents had to explain a little: ‘They are a little older than you! Most of them.’ But then the crowd bought into the second half again and that was great. So it was a good lesson and we will use it.



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