Major news! Watch the Iranian Hulk get smashed by the Kazakh Titan in Dubai | Video

Major news!  Watch the Iranian Hulk get smashed by the Kazakh Titan in Dubai |  Video


The Iranian Hulk finally makes his combat sports debut in Dubai on Sunday, facing off against the Kazakh titan, a regional giant with a similar social media footprint … but a bigger punch.

Their boxing match was, as expected, a sloppy affair. No one has any previous professional or amateur boxing experience, and this shows in the quality of the fight. However, The Kazakh Titan, The Real Name Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, had at least thrown some punches before, and he used that edge to beat Iran’s Hulk, Sajjad Gharib.

The Iranian Hulk had no answer to his shots other than to turn his back and slowly walk away from his opponent. For some reason, the referee stepped in to give him a timeout a minute later and he managed to compose himself somewhat. The next minute a slide and a slide in the ring with both men stumbling to their feet and chasing each other as they throw wild punches.

After several wild haymakers, the Iranian Hulk was out of gas and the Kazakh Titan took advantage, hitting him with a right hook that dropped Hulk to the canvas. At that point, as the first round drew to a close, the referee mercifully waved things off.

The Iranian Hulk was originally set to fight bodybuilder Martin Ford for KSW, but the fight was canceled when Ford realized his opponent was in no decent fighting shape. Not only was it a bad look for Ford to hit Gharibi, but the Iranian Hulk argued that Gharibi could have hurt himself given the massive amount of negative reactions he received during the fight.

Hopefully, this fight against the Kazakh titan is at least of sufficient magnitude that the Iranian Hulk can walk away and forget about his glorified stupidity and never step into the ring again.



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