Make Your Case: Will the Golden Knights or Kraken win their first Stanley Cup?

Make Your Case: Will the Golden Knights or Kraken win their first Stanley Cup?


The Vegas Golden Knights reached the Stanley Cup Final in their first NHL season in 2017-18. They lost to the Washington Capitals in five games, but they made it clear that they wanted to win the Stanley Cup as soon as possible.

After selecting their inaugural team in the 2017 NHL Expansion Draft, they made several changes to the roster, including adding big-ticket players in the middle. Jack Eichel and protection Alex Pietrangelo. The Golden Knights enter their sixth season with their third coach, Bruce Cassidy, who led the Boston Braves to the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals.

The Seattle Kraken finished last in the eight-team Pacific Division in their first NHL season in 2021-22 and are taking a more patient approach to becoming a title contender.

They are trying to build in the draft, by taking Matt Bennier In the 2021 NHL draft and with the number 2 Shane Wright No. 4 pick in the 2022 NHL draft. They signed a two-time Stanley Cup winner this offseason. Andrey BurakovskyBringing in a proven winner for coach Dave Hakstol’s team.

But which of the two most recent NHL expansion teams will see their Stanley Cup dreams come true first?

That’s the question before staff writer Tracy Myers and editor-in-chief Bill Price in this episode of The State of Your Affairs.

Price: There’s a growing feeling around NHL circles that the Golden Knights’ Stanley Cup window has closed, but I’m not buying it. Sure, they may struggle to make the playoffs this season after missing out last season, but let’s not forget this is Las Vegas. It’s a town that loves winners and owner Bill Foley knows it. Las Vegas Boulevard will not be satisfied until it is paraded. Despite going winless this season after coming close in their first two seasons, the idea that the Kraken could win the title before the Golden Knights isn’t something I see happening as long as Foley is in charge in Vegas.

Myers: Sure, the Kraken had a rough opening season, but the truth is, that’s how the first season goes for every expansion team. It only pales in comparison to the Golden Knights’ extraordinary feat in their first season, which included a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. But back to the Kraken: The NHL season is a marathon, not a race, and so is building a championship contender. Future prospects like Matty Bennier and Shane Wright will probably start making their mark on this team early this season. It may take a few years, but even at slow and steady, I believe the Kraken will lift that trophy before the Golden Knights.

Price: There’s no question that Seattle is building its team right; Or should I say the right way. In the year Getting Wright, the No. 4 pick in the 2022 draft, to fall into the Kraken rounds could be the biggest gift the city of Seattle has received since Eddie Vedder left California as an up-and-coming singer. And listen, when this debate is resolved, we’ll both be enjoying early-bird specials somewhere in a Florida retirement community. That being said, the Golden Knights are very close to a title, despite their wins over the past few seasons, and Cassidy is one of the most underrated coaches in the NHL and I think he will do wonders with Echel et al. Mark Stone On the strip. And again, Foley won’t rest until the cup is his.

Myers: There is no disputing Cassidy’s influence. In the year He is the great coach who led the Boston Bruins to the Stanley Cup in 2019, where they lost in seven games to the St. Louis Blues. Speaking of trophies, Kraken has a few players who know that big, shiny trophy. in the future Yani Gorde In the year In 2020 and 2021, he won with the Tampa Bay Lightning, Def Vince Dunn In 2019 with the Blues and goalkeeper Philip Grubauer With the Washington Capitals in 2018. They got Burakovsky this season, he won the title with the Capitals in 2018 and this year with the Colorado Avalanche. Past cup winners will let the young team know what it takes to come together and reach the top. Yeah, I agree with Bill: this probably won’t be known for a few seasons, but I’m putting my money on the Kraken. No offense, Vegas.



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