Manny Machado, new-look San Diego Padres ‘no worries’ despite being called up by Los Angeles Dodgers

Manny Machado, new-look San Diego Padres ‘no worries’ despite being called up by Los Angeles Dodgers


Angels — Manny Machado The San Diego Padres expressed shock when approached by reporters following their weekend sweep at the hands of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

For him — and the rest of the clubhouse — it was just one game and series among many that in no way marked the difference between the two division rivals.

“Just keep playing baseball,” Machado said when asked what he took away from Sunday’s 4-0 loss to the Padres at Dodger Stadium. “That’s plain and simple, nothing else.”

This series, however, was ripe for intense scrutiny, as flawed as the approach could be for the sport. Earlier in the week, the Padres traded for the 23-year-old superstar. John Soto — as well as Josh Bell, Brandon Drury And Josh Hader — a bold attempt to put themselves into World Series contention and ultimately dethrone the Dodgers.

With a slim chance of a prominent spot in the National League West, they arrived in LA hoping to measure their new team against the best in the sport.

But the Padres fell behind by eight runs early Friday, quickly took a small lead midway through Saturday’s game, and had no chance to rally. Tyler Anderson on Sunday. The Padres are 2-8 against the Dodgers this season and fall 15 1/2 games behind them in the division.

With that in mind, Machado was asked if he was concerned about how the Padres would match up against the Dodgers — a team they’re slated to face in the postseason.

“Are you worried about me?” He shot back. “Why should I care? Absolutely not.”

What gives you confidence?

“I’m f— Manny Machado,” he stomped.

The Padres aren’t the only ones saying Machado. They also have Sotom. and Bell. and Drury. And Jake Kronenworth. Those five have gone a combined 6-for-49 over these last three games. The Padres believe the team will certainly get better as they deserve. And they are seeing the prospect of reunification. Fernando Tatis Jr., one of the players in the sport, into the lineup in a week or two.

Those names, combined with a star-studded pitching staff, lead the Padres to believe they are as good as anyone, even the Dodgers. And that one three-game series shouldn’t mean much more than that. Soto, Kronewerth, Myers and Padres manager Bob Melvin were echoed by many when they visited the clubhouse at Dodger Stadium on Sunday night.

Machado, defensive but determined, probably said it best.

“We know what we have and that’s it,” he said, adding later: “There’s no pressure here. We’re going to go out there and play baseball every day. Whatever that day brings, we’re going to go out there and give it everything we’ve got.”



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