Matt Turner: The USMNT goalkeeper dismissed his concerns after Arsenal’s performance

Matt Turner: The USMNT goalkeeper dismissed his concerns after Arsenal’s performance


Most of Turner’s chances in practice have come against fellow English second division internationals Middlesbrough’s Zach Stephen (from Manchester City) and Luton Town’s Ethan Horvath (from Nottingham Forest), who are on loan from top-flight teams. In the M.L.S. New York City FCS Shawn Johnson He’s tied for the clean sheet lead (14) – and all but Stephen are in camp this month.

Despite the different game-day realities the goaltenders face, Turner insists he’s made progress over the past three months, even leaving the Revs after the game. June 19 match vs. Minnesota United FC. In New England, he has since been replaced by Serbian talent George Petrovich.

“My game has come a long way since I started at Arsenal,” Turner said. “Just the speed and intensity of everything every day. Mikel [Arteta] He doesn’t accept anything but full throttle in training sessions, so you have to bring it every day or you’ll find out quickly on the field.

“For me it’s the consistency that I have to bring every day in training, being ready for the moments when I can play and in general the speed, the technical execution of things, making saves from world-class players. Every day in training, sometimes in practice, you know with world-class players. But you’re learning.”

Asked about his early days under Arteta, Turner referred to the Spaniard’s training, which seems to have given him full perspective on his time in England.

“We were playing a little bit of a possession game and it was really tight,” Turner said. “I tried to pass and I gave him the ball. I was visibly upset and angry and he came up to me and pushed me. He was basically like, ‘I don’t want to see that. I don’t want to see that reaction. I want to see you pick yourself up and keep going.’

“I think that really speaks to my attitude at the club and to keep going no matter what. It’s okay if you fail. What matters is how you respond, not the failure itself. That was a great time.”



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