Michigan DC Jesse Minter is ahead of the 2022 Wolverines defensive end

Michigan DC Jesse Minter is ahead of the 2022 Wolverines defensive end


Ann Arbor, Mich. – Jesse Minter When he joined the Michigan football program as the new defensive coordinator in February, he found himself in a difficult situation. The defense not only lost three top-50 NFL draft picks a season ago, but also replaced two captains and a lot of experience at all levels.

Not that the cabinets are empty. Despite the “starless” comments, the Wolverines defense boasts four of the greatest “freaks” in college football. basis Bruce Feldman for the Athletics – including No. 1 overall; Know Smith. And Minter has the benefit of expanding on the scheme he implemented last season. Mike McDonaldHis former teammate with the Baltimore Ravens.

Minter met with members of the media last week to discuss Michigan’s defense as the 2022 season approaches. Here is what he said:

On Michigan Defense’s Integrated Communications:

We always say that a loud defense is a good defense. One of the pillars of our defense is offensive communication. And so, a lot of our calls, it might be a coverage rotation, where the pressure is coming from, it might even just be, ‘Hey, they’re lined up like this, watch out for this.’ And I think our team bought into it based on how we want to play defense. I think they are starting to do that, but I think as they continue into the second year and have more vehicles, it will allow them to do it with more confidence.

The more confident you are, the more you talk. So when you look at the younger ones, sometimes it’s quiet, it’s not good. And the more those people gain confidence in them knowing what their job is, knowing what they’re doing, the louder it gets.

Being a ‘no-star defense’ against Michigan:

One of the things we talked about is we don’t worry about who to replace. Of course there are some very good players. We want to have the best 11 players on the field for what is happening. When our guys buy into that and play really hard, they don’t care who makes the game – when someone makes the game, we all make the game. I am very, very pleased with his thinking in this regard. And then you know we move people, we try to create matches from the opponent’s point of view. This is how I look at it: No matter what it looks like going into the year, I hope we have a lot of stars at the end of the season.

Who might lead Michigan in sacks this season:

I hope it’s a lot of men. I think we have good players – Mike Morris, Braden McGregor, Taylor Upshaw, Jaylen Harrell – Capable of being good hackers. I think Chris Jenkins, Know Smith They have the ability to push from the inside. I think Mason Graham, Good luckthe new guy, all these guys have the ability to be a good hustler.

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