MLB Umpire and Pujols Close on Home Run (Video)

MLB Umpire and Pujols Close on Home Run (Video)


In the Associated Press
September 19, 2022

Aaron Judge is three home runs away from surpassing the American League record 61 and Albert Pujols is just two away from hitting the 700 homer mark.

Major League Baseball Aaron Judge and Albert Pujols could make this a pivotal week for home runs.

Judge hit two more Sunday, raising his season total to 59, two shy of Roger Maris’ American League record. Now the slugger returns to Yankee Stadium, where New York will play the next six games. Pujols, meanwhile, has hit 12 since the start of August and may be closing in on the 700-homer mark.

The judge’s pursuit of Maris It sparked debate over how to put this AL record in context, should it be broken. He is unlikely to threaten Barry Bones’ major league record of 73, but that mark, as well as the concurrent exploits of Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa, have been complicated by suspicions of performance-enhancing drugs.

No matter how many more homers Judge hits, there’s one way he’ll be better than both Bonds and Maris. Now, he has an incredible 20-homer lead over Kyle Schwarber, who is second in the majors. No one has led baseball with at least 20 homers since Babe Ruth hit 54 in 1928 and no one had more than 31.

Maris shot 61 to lead by just seven, while Bonds shot 73 to lead by nine.

Judge is in the mix for the AL Triple Crown — he’s leading the way in homers and RBIs and is just one point behind hitting leader Luis Arez — but that won’t straighten itself out until near the end of the season.

Pujols, 42, who retired at the end of the season, is trying to become the fourth major leaguer to hit 700 homers, following Bond, Hank Aaron and Root. Unlike Judge, he won’t be going on a guided tour of the house this week. St. Louis’ next eight games are on the road against the Padres, Dodgers and Brewers.

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