Model Antonella Fiordelici likes to get “high” in tennis, wearing skimpy clothes.

Model Antonella Fiordelici likes to get “high” in tennis, wearing skimpy clothes.

Model and fencer Antonella Fiordellisi has revealed to her more than 1 million followers why she loves tennis. “You can find it in good things and one of them is definitely sports (besides sushi),” Fiordellisi captioned two pictures of herself in a skimpy tennis outfit.

Who is Antonella Fiordelisi?

According to GSP, 20-year-old Antonella Fiordelici is one of Italy’s most promising swordsmen.

When she reached the top of the world in fencing, the young woman entered all the details reserved for beautiful women. At GSP, her form has apparently caught the attention of Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain of Argentina, but the Italian star has vehemently denied the rumours.

Moreover, Antonella Higuain had to publicly apologize for asking for pictures of her ass. Another model seen wearing a tennis dress is Bella Hadid. American model Bella Hadid sold her US Open sportswear in a pair of string bik*nis worn on a beach trip, while Serena Williams sold out during her tournament.

Bella Hadid posted a short video and a few pictures of her skimpy outfit on Instagram. Watch the video in this article: Bella Hadid swaps her tennis dress for a thong bathing suit following Serena Williams’ loss.. Bella Hadid’s sister Gigi Hadid is reportedly dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Gigi Hadid’s father, real estate mogul Mohammed Hadid, has spoken out about the alleged affair. He said: “I met Mr. DiCaprio four or five years ago in St. Tropez and he is a very nice person, I like him! I do not comment on my son’s relationship, I have no voice in the chapter about his people.

I haven’t talked to my son about Mr. DiCaprio. I don’t think they are dating, I think they are just good friends. But I really don’t know.” Related: Gigi Hadid’s dad on flirting with Leonardo DiCaprio: “I love it!”


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