Moist Esports CEO asked for help from 11 million YouTube subscribers

Moist Esports CEO asked for help from 11 million YouTube subscribers

Charlie, also known as ‘moistcrit1kal’, is the co-owner of Mana Talent Group and the founder of Moist Sports, a gaming company.

On top of all that, he is also a streamer and content creator on YouTube with over 11 million subscribers. He put out a call for help earlier this week.

In a video uploaded less than a week ago, “”i need you”, Charlie asked his audience with the help of Wet Esports.

Delivery and content creation is a cutthroat business – even well-performing organizations can struggle to meet financial obligations. While some cut corners or underpay their content creators, Moisture Esports is widely considered to offer the most favorable contracts to its players in the business.

But this doesn’t come cheap and Charlie says as much in the video. He revealed that he runs Moist Esports at a “significant net loss”, and that those running it lose “six figures a month”.

He doesn’t mind because his monthly income from Twitch and YouTube covers his expenses and he is “passionate about wet sports” and pays his players well.

Luck knocks occasionally, but Charlie has a knack for finding opportunities where others don’t.

In the newly released game “Omega Strikers”, there is currently a creator event going on where any of the top 10 creators will get a share of the revenue from all of Season 1’s revenue.

Moisture Transport.
Charlie runs Moist Esports at a “massive net loss” and loses “six figures a month” running it.
Moisture Esports/Twitter

Charlie created Team Moisture in-game and asked viewers to help offset the financial loss of running Moisture eSports.

Here’s how it works: As a member of Team Moisture, each victory earns you one point on the creator leaderboard. If three members are on a team and win, that’s three points.

When Charlie’s video went live, Tim Moist was hovering in sixth place with around 85,000 points, while the leading group sat comfortably above 436,000 points.

In five days’ time, that number is nearly 2 million points from its current value for Team Moist, with the closest runner-up sitting just under 1 million – with just one day left in the tournament, it’s impossible to say for sure. That team has won all of the moisture, ensuring some financial stability for moisture esports for the foreseeable future.

Feel-good stories like this are great, but Twitch had a pretty explosive time last week.

A shocking report shows that child predators have targeted 279,016 children on Twitch despite efforts to protect the platform.

Alongside that report, Twitch announced it was cutting revenue, angering the streamers who helped build the platform to the size it is.


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