MotoGP announces the date and location of the 2023 British GP

MotoGP announces the date and location of the 2023 British GP


Silverstone returned to MotoGP in 2010, having last raced between 1986 and 2009 before moving to Donington Park in 1985.

When MotoGP returned to Silverstone, it used the International Pit Wright – now known as the Hamilton Straight – and the Wing Paddock complex.

In the year

But along with announcing the dates for early August next year, he also confirmed that MotoGP will return to the Wing Complex.

Press releases from the series say part of Silverstone’s Phase 2 project to install more solar panels on the wing coincides with MotoGP’s push to make its events more environmentally sustainable.

Andrea Dovizioso, RNF MotoGP Racing

Andrea Dovizioso, RNF MotoGP Racing

Photo by: Gold and Goose / Motor sports images

“We are delighted to announce when we will return to Silverstone next year and return to the international paddock,” said Dorna Sport CEO Carmelo Izpeleta.

“MotoGP Racing is committed to increasing our positive impact and Silverstone is a valuable partner in our push to create a more sustainable future.

“As previously announced, MotoGP will run on 100% sustainable fuel by 2027, and as sustainability is central to the sport, this is part of our global strategy.

“Now is the time to take that creativity and inspire it in all of our activities, on the road and off the rails, and we look forward to returning to Wing as we combine innovation, drive and common sense. The desire to create positive change.”

Silverstone boss Stuart Pringle added: “I look forward to bringing MotoGP back to the International Paddock in 2023, which is now linked by a new bridge to the 197-room Silverstone Hilton Garden Inn Hotel.

In the year Phase 2 of the Wing Solar Panel Project will be completed in August 2023 and will generate more than 13% of the site’s annual energy, an initiative that aligns with Silverstone’s transition to net zero and Dorna’s commitment to continued sustainability.



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