My wife Jada is the ‘rock’ of our family

My wife Jada is the ‘rock’ of our family


As a basketball star Chris Paul Prepares for the new season with Phoenix Sunthe 37-year-old athlete is grateful. His wife, JadaHe calls them the “rock” of their family.

“For me, I’m going through the games and I’m totally involved in my kids’ lives. You know what I mean? So, my wife has definitely been a rock,” Chris told PEOPLE. Baby 2 babyAnnual Back2School distribution event with Jada. He added: “She was the most consistent thing they knew in life, so she was good for anything and everything.”

On Thursday, the couple participated in a distribution of backpacks, toys, diapers and food for children at Christopher Dena Elementary School in East Los Angeles.

Chris and Jada Paul hosted the Baby2Baby distribution event.
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“We delivered 50,000 bags today,” says Jada, who shares two children, Chris Jr., 13, and daughter Camryn, 9, with the NBA star.

Throughout his time in the league (17 seasons!), giving back has been a priority for Chris. “Being able to do it with my husband and working with Baby2Baby, which does so much for all these families, was so special,” says Chris.

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Chris added, “With inflation and formula shortages and things going on, Baby2Baby is doing amazing work.” In addition to distributing backpacks, the organization also made sure “diapers and all the essentials” were available to students, he said. “It’s always special to actually see and touch the family,” he says.

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One reaction in particular has stayed with the star guard even after Thursday’s incident. “It was just the two of them, who looked like a single dad, who was there with his son, and to see him with a smile on her face and to see him provide for his son and do what he had to do.” Chris says there is one non-negotiable when it comes to family time during the NBA season.

“One thing Chris is really good at is making sure it’s the first day of school for the kids,” Jada told PEOPLE.

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She continued: “He plans the schedule for the children’s first day of school. So it’s always great, even if they’re in fifth and eighth grade now, it’s still important to be there for the first day of school.”

Also important to Chris is showing his kids classic movies they’ve grown to love. “I always try to get the kids to see the movies they watched as kids. It’s hard to gauge if they’re the right age, so let them find you.”

Recent movie nights at Paul’s House are included. Coming to America And Mean girls.

Chris who was watching too much Strange things He said he watched Lindsay Lohan’s 2004 comedy more than once during the break. “I feel like we watched it 3 days in a row,” he says with a laugh. “Listen, that movie is funny, it’s funny!”

“He’s a big boy himself,” Jada said of her husband. “For example, during quarantine, he got up one morning and set up an obstacle course for the kids to do. So you had to run around the house, we had to jump rope. It was cool because he came up with these crazy ideas. And it’s a way to get the kids involved, to bring the family together.”



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