NASCAR’s Kyle Petty on life in the fast lane

NASCAR’s Kyle Petty on life in the fast lane


(NewsNation) – Kyle Petty is nothing short of NASCAR royalty.

In the year In 1948, his grandfather Lee Petty competed in the first official NASCAR race, winning the inaugural Daytona 500. Kyle’s father, Richard Petty, won that race seven times.

His uncle was a Hall of Fame engine builder, and Kyle followed in his family’s tire footsteps, becoming the youngest driver to win a Major League stock car race and 200 others in his illustrious career.

Petty’s NASCAR dynasty was not a tragedy.

In the year In 2000, Kyle’s 19-year-old son, Adam, was on the third lap of a practice race when the throttle stuck, causing a fatal crash. Months later, Kyle’s friend, Dale Earnhardt Sr., died of similar injuries.

Earnhardt’s son was back a week later, the same way Kyle continued to race after losing Adam.

Kyle joined NewsNation’s “Banfield” Monday night to talk about his drive to keep going after such a loss and his new book, “Ride or Die: Life in the First Family of NASCAR Racing at My SpeedHe said.

Watch the full interview in the video above.



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