NFL execs will select award winners for 2022

NFL execs will select award winners for 2022

The preseason is good for a lot of things. Overclocking eliminates shows against vanilla defenses. Free social media clips Tua Tagovailoa Completing a simple throwing task in soccer practice. Discussing which trade the Philadelphia Eagles will pursue. Your favorite player is entering the season in the best shape of his life. And your friends want fantasy football advice. Make it stop!

But the preseason is mostly empty calories. Now, we’re digging into the regular season Cheese Curd Bacon Burger. Week 1 is here. Sundays are blessed. Rosters are built. Contestants are ready to compete. Imposters don’t justify the hype.

It’s all about matches, performances and stars. The NFL has 1,696 roster spots on game day, along with 500-plus practice squad players. Only a few are truly dominant. That’s why we asked league executives and scouts to find out which stars will shine in 2022. Who will win the game’s top honors at the end of the season?

MVP always stirs up the most debate. Aaron Rodgers He is vying for his third straight MVP. Josh Allen He is looking for the first one, and many think he can get it. Tom Brady It can be corrupted and lead to bypassing the NNL again. Patrick Mahomes He didn’t go. and young guns Joe Burrow And Justin Herbert. They are ready to build monster second seasons.

Will the quarterback win Offensive Player of the Year? Not if a young star receives channels Cooper coup For the Triple Crown, or running back, he flirts with 2,000 meters. When the upper edge invaders try to pull Aaron Donald Or TJ Watt For the first Defensive Player of the Year award, the Player of the Year competition has the most unexpected chance. It was difficult to get consensus from the league regardless of the classification. It wasn’t a surprising find.


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