NFL Week 3 Expert Picks: Lions vs Vikings Score Predictions

NFL Week 3 Expert Picks: Lions vs Vikings Score Predictions

of Detroit Lions Face to face Minnesota Vikings Great game from both teams on Sunday. For the Vikings, it’s a chance to take a big 2-0 lead in the division and bounce back from last week’s embarrassing loss to the Eagles on “Monday Night Football.”

It’s an opportunity for the Lions to prove their legitimacy. In Week 1, they were clearly outmatched by the Eagles. And it was the reverse story in Week 2, as the Lions dominated the Washington Chiefs and held on long enough to walk away with the victory. A win against the Vikings would ensure this team can compete for a playoff spot in a slim NFC this year. If nothing else happens in Week 3, a Lions win would put them in first place in the division as they become the only team in the NFC North without a loss. First place is also on the line for the Vikings.

As of this writing, the Vikings are still huge six-point favorites, though that’s a 7.5-point line from the opening. Beyond the national landscape, there are Amazing experts who choose lions to win this oneBut what are we thinking here at Detroit Pride?

The crew is evenly split on who won Sunday. Check out our polls and score predictions.

Jeremy Reisman (2-0) 31-27 Lions
Hamza Bakoshe (2-0): 29-27 Vikings
Jerry Mallory (2-0) 30-20 Vikings
Morgan Cannon (2-0): 31-27 Vikings
Ryan Matthews (2-0) 27-24 lions
Kyle Yost (1-1) 30-24 Vikings
John Whittaker (1-1) 27-20 Lions
Alex Reno (1-1): 31-27 Lions
Kelly Rowe (1-1): 23-21 Vikings
Eric Schlitt (1-1) 28-24 Lions
Mike Payton (1-1): 35-30 lions
Perfect Chris (0-0-2): 35-35 equal

Now is your chance to make a prediction. Vote in the poll below and share your results in the comments.


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