Nick Dowd gets the big spot in the preseason… over Alex Ovechkin?

Nick Dowd gets the big spot in the preseason… over Alex Ovechkin?

The Washington Capitals held another grueling training camp Saturday — their third day back on the ice after officially returning from the offseason.

On Saturday, Team A began practice with a two-on-two scrimmage, sometimes called “off the wall.” Alex Ovechkin and Evgeny Kuznetsov teamed up to take out Nick Dowd and Dmitry Orlov during the swap. You might think that covering Dowd Ovechkin was a physical mismatch, but, you guys, it totally wasn’t.

Moving and moving up the ice with the puck, Dude ran into Ovechkin… and loaded the Capitals captain.

The video was taken by Kendall Miller from the top balcony. Ovechkin was good after the hit.

Ovechkin, a power forward, is the heaviest player on the Capitals and one of the biggest players in the league at 238 pounds. Dowd, at 193, is 45 pounds lighter. Dowd can hustle guys, but not in the same way that Ovechkin owns him. The most accomplished records in NHL postseason history.

Ovechkin is currently participating in the 18th training camp. Gordie Howe is 22 goals shy of second place on the NHL’s all-time goals list.


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