Nickmercs, Trainwrecks, FaZe Swagg voice frustration with TwitchCon security policies

Nickmercs, Trainwrecks, FaZe Swagg voice frustration with TwitchCon security policies


As TwitchCon announced some new security requirements over the weekend, the streaming community was shocked to see some popular streamers speak out against the precautions.

TwitchCon He’s set to return to San Diego on October 7, where fans will meet streamers, see Trembling Watch competitor events live, and geek exhibits and vendors. The last in-person TwitchCon in San Diego had 28,000 attendees, so it’s no surprise that those in the streaming community are asking for some strict health guidelines.

On August 12, Trembling It tweeted that it has revised its policy to reflect this concern. Masks are now required when attendees are inside. You cannot enter unless you have proof of vaccination or a negative covid test result.

These new guidelines are typical of other major events happening around this time, including Super Smash Con 2022. Of course, others were a bit mundane. The Call League Champions event in Los Angeles did not ask for anything related to Covid (vaccination or test results) and no masks will be seen in the grand finals in the big stadium.

The new TwitchCon rules had mixed reactions from the streaming community. But a few reactions stood out to fans.

Popular streamers voice frustration with TwitchCon safety guidelines

Not everyone in the streaming community seems to be asking for strict guidelines. In fact, many have tweeted that they’re not in favor of the update, whether it’s due to their own policies or wishy-washy statements from Twitch.

SoaR Game Content creator Big E made an entire video to explain his disdain for the change. In the sketch, Big E played an intern and Twitch’s CEO, criticizing the company for sponsoring a few people by making a “s***t announcement” late into the show’s planning.

“Should we go back on our word even if we don’t have to?” Big E asked as an apprentice.

“Yes, Twitch is going crazy. Do you know how much we can get away with? ” Big E responded like a CEO, saying he doesn’t care if guests are upset about the policy change.

“To clarify, Twitches HORRIBLE attempt to manage this incident has nothing to do with me, not masks and vax. Anyway, I’m upset and I respect your choice, so don’t turn this into something that doesn’t work. “It’s wild right now to say Twitch has your best interest at heart,” Big E added after receiving some backlash from streamers who felt he was anti-mask.

Black Gun Coffee content creator Heather Lynn asked if she could. Get a refund For TwitchCon. TSM’s Colton “Viss” Visser said he will not be available this year due to the change. But the community was even more shocked when Clan Faze’s Nicholas “Nickmerx” Kolchef referred to the new requirements as “L”. Fuzzy Swag also spelled out an “L” for good measure.

Tyler “Trainwrecks” Nicknam was another prominent figure in the streaming community who was skeptical of Twitch’s changes. He tweeted that he agreed with the vaccine or test policy, but that masks should be an option.

“Gamers are the last people who should be worried about this. Your covid gets covid at gaming conventions, you unsanitary fag,” added Trainwrecks.

Tyler “WILDCAT” Vines says he agrees with Train Wrex’s statement. He was a content creator with 1.9 million Twitter followers. He said earlier Twitch was still “softer than s***t” because he’s worried about Covid, saying people who are scared should stay home.

The streaming community was surprised to see many popular content creators react negatively to the policy. Many indicated that they could wear masks at other conventions without it affecting their experience. Others praised Twitch for making the community safer.



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