‘Novak Djokovic can keep his serve…’ says the top coach

‘Novak Djokovic can keep his serve…’ says the top coach


Compared to Australia, where many are unwilling to publicly support or offer their personal views, the Novak Djokovic-US Open affair has sparked a lot of backlash from the pros and tennis players themselves.

Public opinion is also divided on this issue, but in recent weeks support and positions in support of the former world number one have increased. What is the current situation? And what is the risk to the Serbs? The only certainty at the moment is that Belgrade’s first Masters 1000 of the year will be canceled in Montreal (Canada) due to anti-covid laws that prevent anyone from entering the country.

While the same rules apply in the United States, the player’s staff and the athlete himself are waiting for a last-minute change by the government to allow unvaccinated foreigners to enter the United States.

His prospects are slim: If he fails, the 35-year-old will be forced out of Cincinnati and the US Open, the last Grand Slam of the season, where he failed to defend 1,200 points from last year’s final. This means a drop in ATP levels.

A complicated situation for Djokovic, who has missed a number of high-profile appointments in 2022 due to his decision not to manage due to Covid-19. Australian John Millman, who had to withdraw from the Los Cabos race to confirm he was infected with the virus, said in these hours: “I’m out with Vivi, now I’m in the United States.”

It seems that people did not follow any recommendations or instructions, which is good, and as a result, I don’t understand why Djokovic can’t play, “the player was surprised, “to be clear.

If the entire country followed the same rules, I would fully support imposing some entry vaccination requirements. However, as I have seen, practically no one does it, the competition accepts unvaccinated citizens and only 30 percent have a higher rate,” he added.

On Twitter, John Isner weighed in on Nole’s case again, saying: “Absolutely insane that I can’t compete right now.”

Mouratoglou talks about Djokovic

Respected coach Patrick Mouratoglou believes that Novak Djokovic is the best in the world when he returns to serve.

“He’s doing the split action on the inside, so he can anticipate the service on the team and on the outside, so he can anticipate the service out wide,” Mouratoglou said. According to Mouratoglou, this allowed Djokovic to gain advantage on his return when his opponent was serving.



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